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Now it is the 21st century. Whether it is the post-80s or post-90s generation, we are more and more enthusiastic about brand seeking, and our request for the characterization of doors and windows is also higher and higher. Whether it is a first-line brand or small and medium-sized door and window enterprises are feeling unprecedented pressure. Facing these difficulties and pressures, what should door and window enterprises do? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

first, adhering to the quality of goods is the foundation for the development of door and window enterprises

now is the age of quality first. Consumers have requests for the quality of any goods, not to mention large doors and windows. Whether it is a large company or a small company, it is necessary to check its own quality from the source. The raw materials selected by the company determine the level of goods. Whether it is high-end or low-end, it is necessary to pass the quality of doors and windows. Doors and windows at different levels have different spending groups, but no matter what level, as long as the quality is good, it will attract the attention of consumers. Commodity quality is the foundation of door and window enterprises and the condition of market share

the quality of goods is guaranteed, so how can more consumers know that they are good, and then pay for the goods? How can our door and window products have a close contact with consumers

second, seize the ability of dealers to move forward. Once we expand the shopping mall, we have to talk about dealers here. Dealers are like the tentacles of big trees, extending to all places, bringing nutrition to big trees and profits to the company. Today, the door and window industry has been carried out, and all brands have higher and higher requirements for terminals. From the original hundred square meters, the store is now prone to hundreds or even thousands of square meters, It can be seen that door and window enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the strength of dealers, especially in front-line shopping malls. The franchised stores of first-line brands are usually at the mercy of 10, and the investment of each store is calculated at 500000, which is 5million, plus working capital and advertising costs, it almost takes at least 10million to start. The door and window enterprises in development must first establish ways. If the ways are not established, how to carry out later is on paper and has no meaning

third, try your best to meet the diversified needs of consumers

in addition to quality and dealers, door and window enterprises should also plan products with different style characteristics according to different spending groups. Young people tend to be fashionable and modern furniture characteristics, while middle-aged and old people tend to be traditional and suitable cabinets. The company needs to investigate and analyze the collective spending, and if it meets the needs of consumers, there are no goods that cannot be sold

fourth, a perfect service system is the key to ensure word-of-mouth

the customer is God, and junior high school students all know this sentence, but the knowledge inside is enough to write a thick book. Doing a good job in customer service is the slogan that every brand constantly appeals for every day, so we should make clear what service is, need systematic customer protection, and oral service is pale. The establishment of service system is to establish the whole customer chain from policy customers - intended customers - prospective customers - transacted customers - using customers - old customers - loyal customers, and choose different methods to serve customers during different periods, so that consumers are moved by every detail of the brand all the time

with the rapid development of the era and the acceleration of social reform, all walks of life have their own dilemma, and the door and window profession is no exception. However, companies cannot retreat in the face of difficulties. They must seek ways to break the "ice". As long as they have time to grasp the weathervane of the mall, accurately locate, aim at the needs of customers, and forge ahead bravely, they will not be screened





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