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About house inspection and decoration: construction specifications and acceptance standards

I. electrician construction specifications and acceptance standards 1. Electricians should be familiar with circuit construction drawings or the owner's requirements before construction, and ensure the location of all electrical appliances, switches, telephones, televisions, and network sockets. 2. The positioning of switch and cassette must be symmetrical and consistent vertically and horizontally according to the engineering requirements. 3. All wires, telephone lines, TV lines and network lines purchased must meet the national testing standards and put an end to unqualified products. 4. Circuit slotting, pipe laying, threading, inspection and testing. The wire connector shall be firm without looseness, tightened with double-layer insulating tape, and an access hole shall be reserved at the connector. 5. Check whether all lamp switches are flexible, whether the socket panel is loose, and prevent conduction and leakage. 6. Each group of circuit circuits shall be clear and reliable, and meet the power consumption requirements. The live wire, zero wire and wire shall be colored or clearly marked. 7. Please seal all trunking and cassette with cement mortar after the owner signs the acceptance without any problem, so as to ensure the normal construction of Tilers. 2、 Waterway construction specifications and acceptance standards 1. Determine the location of cold and hot water of all sanitary wares. The distance between the water outlet elbows of cold and hot water must be on a horizontal line vertically and horizontally, and the distance between the water outlet elbows shall not be less than 14.5 cm, so as to facilitate the installation of triangle valves and faucets. 2. The purchase of aluminum-plastic pipe or PP-R pipe and accessories must meet the national testing standards, and it is forbidden to enter the construction site with inferior pipe fittings to avoid hidden dangers. 3. The joints of slotted pipes and fittings in the waterway must be firm. Conduct a closed water test to check whether there is water seepage. If there is any problem, it must be solved immediately. Do a second test. 4. If there is no problem, please sign for acceptance, seal all water pipes with cement mortar, clean up the garbage on site and deliver it to the next team. 3、 Tile construction specifications and acceptance standards 1. In order to ensure the construction progress, all materials must be purchased before the tile workers enter the construction site to avoid delaying the construction period. 2. When entering the site, bricklayers must determine the location of all demolition works (closing the door, striking the wall, opening the door) and the perfection of painting works. 3. The corner painting must be in a straight line, and the wall painting must be flat and smooth. 4. For tiling, find out the ground elevation according to the indoor decoration standard, calculate the number of vertical and horizontal pieces according to the wall area, and snap the horizontal line and vertical control line. 5. The profile of ceramic tiles must be beautiful, and the straight bar of the corner profile should be placed at the relatively collapsed corner. 6. Before construction, the wall and floor tiles must be soaked in water for 2 hours (except for all ceramic vitrified tiles). During construction, ensure that the drainage of all floor drains is unobstructed. If there is blockage, you will be responsible for the consequences once it is found. 7. The color of the paved wall and floor tiles must be consistent, and the variety and specification must meet the design requirements, without cracks, missing edges and corners, etc. 8. The wall and floor tiles shall be firmly bonded to the base course. The four corners shall be stable and free from warping, hollowing and other problems, and all water outlets and socket openings. The size must meet the requirements. It shall not affect the overall beauty. 9. The joints of wall and floor tiles shall not be greater than 1.5mm, and the joints shall be evenly pointed. After the construction is completed, the owner shall sign for acceptance, and all bricklayers' garbage shall be cleaned up. 4、 Woodworking construction specifications and acceptance standards 1. When entering the construction site, carpenters should be familiar with the construction drawings, identify all necessary items, arrange the construction procedures, and snap the horizontal lines of all rooms (if there is ceiling work, it should be constructed from top to bottom, and snap the ceiling elevation line and hanging point construction). 2. There must be a 3mm gap at the joint of gypsum board installation, and the self tapping screw must be recessed into the surface of gypsum board. 3. The size of the base frame of all woodwork shall be accurately divided, horizontal and vertical, flat and smooth. 4. The production of door and window covers must be horizontal and vertical, and the bottom plate must be flat and smooth before painting latex. There must be no leakage when painting glue, so as to facilitate the firmness of the bonding of the bottom layer of the panel. 5. When pasting the panel, the distance of row nails must be consistent, and mosquito nail gun must be used when pasting the panel. 6. The 45 degree diagonal and interface joints of the door sleeve line and window sleeve line must be tight. The lines protruding from the panel should be treated smoothly with a small iron plane, and the surface of the panel should not be damaged during the treatment. 7. The size division of furniture production should be accurate to prevent unnecessary influence when making cabinet doors. The corners of cabinet doors must be kept straight and tight. 8. The protection inside the cabinet is equally important to ensure that it is clean and free of nails and burrs. 9. The size of the installation seam of the cabinet door is uniform, the inner opening of the drawer must be closed without burrs, all cabinet doors can be opened and closed freely, and the drawer can be pushed and pulled smoothly. 10. Protect the finished products, and do not put nails and construction tools on the finished panel casually, so as to avoid scratches affecting the overall effect. Once found, the consequences shall be borne by yourself. The construction site must be kept clean and cleaned once a day. 11. Check all the finished wood products, confirm that there is no problem, and ask the owner to accept and sign for effectiveness. 5、 Painters' construction specifications and acceptance standards 1. The bottom treatment procedure of wood products paint, clean up the dirt on the base, polish with 320 fine sandpaper, brush the primer once, color putty, the color must be consistent with the color of the surface plate, patch the nail holes, polish with sandpaper after drying, and sweep away all the dust with a brown brush. Brush the last time, polish the fine particles with fine sandpaper after drying, for example, two to three times. The paint practice is the same as that of the last time. Filter the impurities in the paint with a filter screen before brushing the finish paint, so as to ensure that the surface is flat and smooth. 2. The emulsion paint process of the wall and top surface, the cleaning and eradication of the base wall, the full application of putty for two to three times, sanding and repairing the cracks, sanding and leveling. 3. The self tapping screws of gypsum board ceiling shall be painted with antirust paint, and then all joints and cross joints of self tapping screws shall be expanded and leveled by gypsum, and polished with sandpaper. 4. The edges and corners of the gypsum board shall be pasted with kraft paper. The internal and external corners must be in place when pasting kraft paper. After pasting, the kraft paper shall be sealed with polyester paint to prevent peeling and falling off, and then it shall be polished with fine sandpaper three times in full batch of putty. 5. After painting the emulsion paint, the emulsion paint on all wood products should be cleaned in time and cleaned once, and the owner should sign for acceptance





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