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The third annual meeting of uniya franchisees in spring 2016 will be held at the reception center of Shandong Weifang Xiashan 271 education group from April 10 to April 21

the third annual conference of franchisees in 2016 spring will be held at the reception center of Shandong Weifang Xiashan 271 education group from April 10 to April 21. The theme of this annual meeting is "beauty of pattern, opening a new era of soft clothing". At that time, you will enjoy an audio-visual feast on soft clothing aesthetics

at this annual meeting, we will show you the largest and most professional exhibition hall of upholstery in China, experience the most exquisite, fashionable and luxurious upholstery products, and understand the development trend of the upholstery industry. In addition, we also specially invite the story teacher to watch the sharing of "life aesthetics & soft clothing design" and teacher Ma Xihui on "freeze frame era"

what is the development trend of overall soft packaging? What is the development direction of Yulia? How to install upholstered products? From macro to micro, we will answer for you one by one

this annual meeting will be held in the reception center of Weifang Xiashan 271 education group. The tall venue environment, top-level cuisine, beautiful and fresh scenery will definitely make you linger and forget to return

at present, with its strong enterprise strength, Yulia has firmly occupied the mainland high-end soft clothing market. However, Yulia Bing is not satisfied with its current achievements. Promoting the development of the soft decoration industry and promoting the overall soft decoration will be the latest market strategy of Yulia. However, to achieve extraordinary achievements on the overall soft decoration Road, we cannot do without a strong cooperation team and share the fruits of the industry development with it

here, we wish this annual meeting of franchisees a complete success, which will add weight to the development of the company and help the development of the industry





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