Cool 3D cloud design magic cloud decoration app

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In order to let the owners experience the cool and magic of Hanyu cloud decoration, Hanyu decoration, with the care and guidance of Wuhan architectural decoration association and the strong support of Wuhan Evening News, held a grand "Hanyu cloud decoration peak experience distribution meeting" in the multi-function hall on the 8th floor of Central South New Binkai Hotel on June 6. At that time, Guo Wei, Secretary General of the association, will come to the scene to experience and witness the cool and magic of cloud decoration with you

cloud after-sales can provide owners with a fast and convenient repair channel. The engineering director and customer service director can receive it together, respond immediately, solve quickly, and supervise transparently; In the later stage, we will launch more main material soft decoration ordering and home related services to become the owner's personal life secretary

cool 3D cloud design magical cloud decoration app

Hanyu cloud decoration peak experience conference was held grandly on June 6

release time: June 6 (sign up in advance, arrange a shuttle on the same day)

release location: multifunctional hall, 8th floor, new Binkai Hotel, Central South

telephone registration: 400-607-2258 SMS registration: 18827373235 (send name + community + number of people)





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