SENRUN wooden door absorbs classical nutrients to

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SENRUN wooden door is used to drawing nutrition from classical culture. Whether it is Chinese classical or European classical, it can make the past serve the present. The European style of SENRUN wooden door is elegant, while the Chinese style is magnificent and elegant. Each has its own merits, which shows the noble style

the perfect combination of European classical elegant art and inspiration

according to different regional cultures, SENRUN wooden doors divide European style wooden doors into northern Europe, simple Europe and traditional Europe. Among them, the pastoral style prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, emphasizing the change of linear flow and gorgeous colors. Based on Romanticism in form, the decoration materials are usually marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, and exquisite French wall hangings. The style is luxurious and rich, full of strong dynamic effects. Another Rococo style, which loves to decorate with light and slender curves, has an elegant and cordial effect, which is preferred by European palace nobles

the main feature of European style is to emphasize the strength, change and movement of color and the intuitive texture of wooden door products in home decoration. The gorgeous cloth surface of sofa and exquisite carving cooperate with each other, integrating noble modeling with floor decoration, and achieving a graceful and luxurious decorative effect with gorgeous decoration, strong color and exquisite modeling

Chinese classical elegance, elegance, practicality and artistry

including bcgm-055, bcgm-012, bcgm-066, bcgm-070, many classic wooden door products represented by court furniture are magnificent, magnificent, exquisite, magnificent and exquisite. It combines the two qualities of solemnity and elegance, reflecting the simplicity of Chinese style. The Chinese style is reflected in what he has created. The soothing artistic conception is always a unique feeling, achieving a poetic life, and the story of thousands of years flows along the fingertips. The Chinese classicism of SENRUN wooden door is not completely retro Ming and Qing Dynasties, but expresses the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegance, elegance and elegance through the correction of the Chinese style

the birth of any one of these products has integrated the strong artistic temperament and emotional factors of the designers. Of course, it also includes users, admirers and collectors. They have made SENRUN wooden door the preferred brand of traditional Chinese furniture with a combination of practicality and artistry




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