Common faults of the hottest screen 5055 control s

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Common faults of screen 5055 control system

part of the film processor

fault 1: as soon as the film processor is started, the developing lamp starts to light up

treatment methods:

① there are dirty spots at the sensor to block the light. Be careful to clean it with clean cloth or cotton

② the sensor is broken

fault 2: there are many white spots in the field

solution: fusing is mixed with developing, and the solution is replaced

therefore, there are less obstacles to consider in terms of energy consumption of the experimental machine. Third, the "card" when starting the machine.

treatment method:

① whether there is a film stuck causing the motor not to rotate

② check whether there is voltage in the motor. If there is voltage, the motor does not turn into a motor failure

③ if the motor has no voltage, it is the main board fault

fault 4: there is water in the drying part or the fixing part is easy to mix into the developing part

treatment: the drainage level is higher than the inlet water level

fault 5: there are black lines on the output film (multiple positions are basically fixed and obviously scratched)

cause: the film is scratched before entering the fixing solution during film feeding


① check whether there is gear position movement or loss at the roller edge of the punching machine

② clean the developing, fixing and washing rollers of the punching machine. Note: judge whether the lines are caused by the film punching machine or imagesetter

1, manually punch the plate

2. Punching at different positions

3. Punch the pieces in reverse

fault 6: there is a white line on the output film

cause: the film is scratched

treatment: cleaning the developing, fixing and water washing rollers of the hedging machine. Be careful not to scratch the bottom rubber roller

rip, output part

fault 1: unable to output or interpret large files

the processing office makes use of the environment and possible synergy methods:

① the machine memory is small

② the print buffer setting of RIP is too small and should be set to 16384mb

③ the memory allocated by RIP software is small (preferably more than 256)

fault 2: novices who have not contacted the illustrator before generally do not know how to use the gradient effect.


① select [setup "in the [file menu of the illustrator, and then select [compatible gradient and gradient mesh printing 。

fault 3: hq-510 can be scheduled, while founder PSP cannot.

solution: NT operating system problem. Reinstall NT after formatting the hard disk

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