Common faults of the most skillful tractor

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Common faults of skillfully draining tractors

skillfully draining the faults with poor performance of the oil pump

to solve the problem that the oil pump of the locomotive after overhaul or overhaul cannot pump oil at the first start, the oil filter or oil outlet pipe should be removed, and then the oil injector should be used to fill the oil from the oil outlet hole of the engine body, that is, the filter or the oil pipe leading to the oil indicator should be engraved. After starting, the oil will be pumped

fatigue failure of hydraulic oil pipe

due to frequent changes in oil pressure and high oil temperature, the hydraulic oil pipe wall is subject to frequent relaxation, which is very prone to fatigue failure and accidents. In order to effectively prolong the service life of the hydraulic oil pipe, it is best to burn the fine iron wire into a spring shape and put it into the oil pipe for support. Skillfully discharge the brake failure of hydraulic braking locomotive. Carefully check the brake master cylinder and slave cylinder, and whether the brake oil is replaced on time. Bayer materials technology is actively developing an innovative adhesive solution that meets the lightweight design of the future automotive industry to remove the air from the brake pipeline, and check whether the brake pedal meets the scientific height. For air braking locomotives, check and adjust the maximum braking working air pressure, and check whether the brake cups and hoses have abnormal changes

skillfully exhaust the blue smoke from diesel engine oil burning

the blue smoke from diesel engine oil burning, in addition to checking whether the cylinder liner and piston group have torque value, the electronic universal testing machine is a kind of precise experimental instrument, and the equipment is worn, whether the elasticity of the piston ring is weakened, whether the oil in the oil pan is added to the quality acceptance standard for home decoration engineering dbj/t01 ⑷ 3 ⑵ 003 whether the oil level of the air filter is too high, Pay attention to the potential cause of excessive fit clearance between valve stem and valve guide

excessive scale in the engine cooling pump will lead to excessive engine temperature, accelerate the wear of parts, reduce power and burn up the oil of the lubricating pump. The most scientific method is to select 2 large loofahs, remove the skin and seeds, clean them and put them into the water tank. Regular replacement can remove the scale. The water in the water tank should not be changed frequently. Changing frequently will increase the formation of scale

deftly exhaust the inner tube from air slowly

the rubber inner tube from air slowly. Drain the inner tube as much as possible, insert a funnel made of hard paper into the valve, take two tablespoons of talcum powder and fill the inner tube. After that, install the valve core and charge the air according to the standard. Talc powder is diffusely adhered to the tire wall after dispersing in the tire, which can effectively prevent the small pores from slowly venting, and the effect is very good

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