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Common problems and solutions of transparent plastic UV printing

compared with traditional ink printing, UV printing does have great advantages, but UV ink printing on the surface of plastic substrate is still a challenging work. The biggest problem of UV ink printing on plastic substrate is how to make UV ink firmly adhere to the surface of plastic substrate, that is, adhesion. During the curing of UV ink, the internal components are crosslinked and polymerized, and the volume changes instantaneously, resulting in large internal stress, which affects the adhesion of the ink to the beam moving printing material used in the experimental machine. Therefore, before printing, the surface of the plastic sheet is generally treated to improve the surface tension of the plastic sheet and increase the adhesion of the ink. At present, corona treatment is more used. Although this problem can be improved by surface treatment or modification of substrate, the fundamental solution is to seek and develop UV ink with good adsorption, low shrinkage stress and low price. Registration is also one of the common problems in UV plastic printing. The hardness of plastic sheet is larger, and its softness is not as good as that of paper. It is easy to produce inaccurate overprint in the printing process. For this reason, when positioning the plastic sheet, only the side push gauge can be used instead of the side pull gauge, so as to avoid inaccurate overprint caused by insufficient pull gauge force. In addition, the heat generated by the infrared ray during the startup of the UV lamp is enough to deform the plastic sheet, resulting in inaccurate overprint and unstable print size

for this problem, Manroland adopts the cold UV technology of eltosch company on its offset printing equipment. This technology uses replaceable reflectors to reflect the generated infrared rays when the UV lamp is started, and uses the cold machine to cool the source after it is installed horizontally. During operation, it uses the emitted UV light to solidify the UV ink. New progress in UV printing technology uv-1278n, the latest UV solid grating ink in China, is mainly used for printing solid grating films. Different from the traditional hot pressing process, the new process uses the silk printing method to print the ink on the packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> a cylindrical grating pattern is directly formed on the transparent diaphragm; The three-dimensional grating ink can also be directly printed on the printed matter to form a three-dimensional pattern, and the pattern can be selectively printed to make the local three-dimensional. The three-dimensional effect of the printed pattern is obvious, which is comparable to the hot pressed grating plate, opening up a new method for three-dimensional printing. Using this ink to print the grating film can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency. The simple and easy-to-use software can improve the user's operating experience. The printing substrate can be transparent plastic film, such as PVC, PC, pet, paper, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. the number of wire mesh is 200 ~ 350. The ink is colorless and transparent. It can be quickly cured by ultraviolet light. The cured film does not turn yellow. It has good adhesion fastness and toughness

xuba CD74 offset press for UV printing is an ideal model for commercial printing enterprises, packaging and label printing enterprises that use a variety of substrates, as well as printing enterprises that use double-sided printing to produce greeting cards or book covers. In addition to the standard models for single-sided printing and double-sided printing, the speedpa CD74 also has printing units and glazing units of various specifications. It can be a model with dual glazing units, a model that integrates UV glazing and other functions, or a model that finishes glazing before printing or after printing in one run. It is completely configured on demand

uv inks and varnishes have been rapidly popularized in the printing industry. They can better adhere to non absorbent materials, which are not easy to fall off, but also have high gloss. Xuba cd74uv offset press follows this development trend. At the same time, it is also the first offset press in the world to be awarded the title of best UV printing by the German printing and paper industry insurance and Protection Agency. All elements related to UV printing are integrated by CD74. It can be said that CD74 has opened up a precedent for production process, equipment operation and investment guarantee

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