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Founder Feiteng 4 Common problems and Countermeasures of X typesetting software I

problem description processing scheme and suggestions when Feiteng 4.1 web version arranges multi page files to reverse the analysis of small samples and reports errors. When Feiteng 4.1 web version uses the acquisition and editing interface to group versions, it arranges multi page files and defines page numbers on the home page. When it reverses the analysis of small samples, it will report "vertical symbol error". Instead of defining page numbers on the home page, it can solve the problem by arranging a single page number on each page. I found that Ruixing has an impact on the normal application of Feiteng during work. Don't you know this is normal? Hunan advertising department uses Feiteng 3.14 in all its editions, and all the files are saved to the shared folder of the dedicated server. A few days ago, a machine reported an error in saving the modified network file, so it had to change the file name and save it. Finally, the problem was not solved until the system was reinstalled. However, yesterday, the computer had the same fault, and other computers had the same fault one after another. If it had to be reinstalled, the workload would be heavy, Moreover, reinstallation can not fundamentally solve the problem. Users were asked carefully. They said that the failure occurred after Ruixing was upgraded (upgraded to the 2005 version) to kill the virus, so they suspected that it was caused by Ruixing's file monitoring. After turning off Credit Suisse monitoring, the failure did not occur. However, due to the proliferation of viruses, Ruixing monitoring had to be turned on. Finally, it was found that the file types of file monitoring in Ruixing monitoring settings were all types by default, The problem of only program files or custom types and excluding Feiteng files was solved. In addition, Photoshop saves network files with the same problem, which can be handled according to the above method. Founder Feiteng 4.1 how to make point line Feiteng point line definition is actually a small short line, not a dot. If you need to make a real dot line, you can use the character line in "lace" to achieve. When the second version of Feiteng 4.0 is running in the WinXP system, the color of Chinese characters is very light (English and Arabic characters are normal) because "standard" is selected for "... Smooth edge" in "display attribute" and "effect" in XP. If "clear" is selected, it is OK. What is the configuration file of the Chinese external body configuration? The setting of the psunny8000nvidia graphics card installed in Win98 under the Feiteng root directory. When the sunny8000nvidia graphics card installed Feiteng 4.0 under Win98 calls in the picture, the picture will not be displayed. In my test, I found that the driver version of NVIDIA graphics card is too high. The problem can be solved by changing the driver version of NVIDIA to This version of the driver can be downloaded from. The version above 4.0 of Feiteng is not recommended to run on Win98. The best running platform is WIN2000 professional. The environment settings in the environment settings of Feiteng 4.1 display scale and actual display Feiteng 4.1 setting options have the setting of "screen physical size", which will also affect the display effect. It is also 100% display. The smaller the physical size definition of the screen, the larger the content displayed. The problem that pictures are not fully displayed in Feiteng mainly occurs in the 98 system. If users still need to use the 98 system, it can be solved by accelerating and reducing the hardware graphics of the graphics card in the system display properties. How to realize the Chinese fonts in the font list of the system according to the traditional, simplified and GBK classification display? First, the installation process can be carried out so that the corrosion and wear test procedure of materials can be carried out to ensure the complete level of the instrument. No GB or GBK fonts are installed. Install Feiteng program and run Feiteng. At this time, there is no GB. Then, install GB simplified and enter Feiteng to configure Feiteng fonts. In this way, the simplified fonts are together. After setting, Then install the traditional fonts to see if they can be controlled flexibly. Then enter Feiteng to configure Feiteng fonts, so that the traditional fonts are together. Then install GBK, and then enter Feiteng to configure Feiteng fonts, so that the gbks are together. This method is suitable for all versions of Feiteng. The problem of incomplete display of images in Feiteng 4.0 version 2 is solved. Open the Feiteng group version and arrange a picture. You can see that the picture has a stretched distortion effect in the pre-existing place, and then arrange it into the layout. This is because some pictures will not be completely displayed as if they were cut, but at this time, if you arrange them, you will see that the picture is still complete. After consultation, this problem is related to the graphics card. Generally, there is no problem with ATI Series graphics card. However, this problem occurs more on Win98 platform. It displays normally on Win2K operating system, and it can also be compatible with geforrce graphics card on Win2K. After Feiteng 4.0 opens the file, click OK after canceling the inclusion of picture data under the environment setting, and an error of "invalid parameter" will be reported. This problem is caused by the setting of "picture less than" in "include picture data". It can be negative by default and can be changed to positive value. Problems with Feiteng 4.0pdf plug-in currently, there is no problem opening PDF files generated by Feiteng PDF plug-in on acrobat4, but there may be problems opening on acrobat5. Therefore, it is recommended that users use acrobat4 to open PDF files generated by the Feiteng PDF plug-in. Another: a new PDF plug-in version will be released after October, 2003, which will solve this problem. The Feiteng 4.1 prompt line is always displayed below the block. Double click the prompt line to define that the prompt line is at the top. Feiteng 4.1 Feiteng import and export environment variables can only be imported and exported without opening Feiteng files. When you open a Feiteng file, you can only import it. The explanation of the relatively large font status box in Feiteng 4.1 is that after the use of text block deformation, the actual font size of the word is not the original set font size, so two font sizes will be listed in the font status box, which will increase the information of the window. Therefore, the status box is relatively large. The use of two-level shortcut keys in Feiteng 4.0. Versions above Feiteng 4 have made great improvements in tables, and are better than Feiteng 3 X has an additional table menu. At the same time, some shortcut keys for table operations are added, but these shortcut keys are secondary. Displayed in the menu as separated by commas between the two levels. For example, the entire line of the selected tool is ctrl+/, X. To operate, you need to press ctrl+/first and then press X separately. Other secondary shortcut keys operate similarly. How to set advanced font options in Feiteng 4.0. GBK is no longer fine black. Why? Just modify changefontinfo=1 in I. Thin black is thin isoline. Pinyin cannot be used. Spelled phonetic alphabet can only be output by using spelled phonetic output in dynamic keyboard. In the status window of Feiteng 4.0, the column is empty and cannot be selected. 1. The user selection tool selects the text block; 2. Click the "t" button in the status window to use the column dividing function. When users input English in Feiteng 4.0, they find that after entering a single quotation mark, the space between the single quotation mark and the next letter is very large, and they have the same problem with other fonts. This problem does exist now. This problem has been modified in the version of Feiteng 4.1. To solve the problem, use the "t" tool to blacken the text, and select "half width to full width" in "code conversion" under the "text" menu. 4.0 when operating a table, the font in the table is selected in the table status and cannot be blackened. Why? No, but it can be bold in the variant word of ctrl+h. Feiteng 4.1 has been modified. An error occurred when Feiteng failed to open the pub file: the unexpected errororoccurredinsideooscmodule must log in with the administrator's permission to open the pub file normally. The page number function of Feiteng 4.0 is suggested to be improved as follows: the start page number can be specified for any part of the page; For example, for a 100 page book, the first 10 pages are the contents and the page numbers are 1-10; The following part is the text, with page numbers of 1-90; wait; It can be realized through the second page number, but it is more troublesome. As you said, the torsion fatigue test bench has a fault. If two page numbers are added at the same position, they are all page numbers. Then, use the second page number for the page instead of the page number, and choose not to display the first page number after page 11. The trouble is to set each page. How does the Feiteng 4.0 prompt line display on the top. Double click the prompt line to set "on top". The contents of the Feiteng 4.0 file are pasted from the word using the method of dynamic paste. When pasting, select the selection tool, so as to preserve the properties of the text in the word. "Unabletosartprintjob" is reported when PS files are generated. However, it is normal to generate PS files on another computer. Please check whether a "psfile" print driver exists in the folder of the printer. If it does not exist and there is OLE content in Feiteng, the error described by you will be reported when generating the PS file. If this problem occurs, please uninstall Feiteng and reinstall it. For

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