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Since April, 2014, a number of city newspapers and television stations across the country have jointly launched the action of declaring war on harassment. Since then, more than 50 media have jointly established China Anti harassment and anti fraud alliance with China Internet Security manufacturer 360, once again pushing the action of strangling spam messages to the climax of how to do mechanical testing

through the vigorous publicity of many media, the activities of propaganda to harassment have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Everyone has joined the war of annihilating harassment and spam messages. Recently, compared with other component preparation software, the three major operators in Heilongjiang Province have announced the corresponding reporting methods, and unanimously said that the spam SMS numbers reported and verified will be closed immediately. At the same time, experts said that it is also particularly important for users to do a good job in self-defense. They can download 360 guards and other security software to effectively intercept harassment and spam messages

operator's statement: after the report of harassment is verified, the streaming service of

1 China Mobile Heilongjiang company said that users can report harassment by dialing 10086, sending text messages, and logging in to China Mobile officials, and can be sent to by the report number * harassment content. After the harassment is accepted, it will cooperate with relevant departments to verify. Once the report is verified, the spam SMS number will be blocked

Heilongjiang Unicom said that if the user receives another harassment message, the number ljdxjbsent report content can be sent to 10010, and Unicom will accept it. For the harassment or short messages reported by many people involving political, illegal and fraudulent contents, Heilongjiang Unicom can take measures to block or directly block them after receiving the notice from the competent communication department and the public security department

China Telecom Heilongjiang company said that if users receive harassment messages, they can call No. 10000 customer service to report. After verification and confirmation, the SMS function of harassment numbers will be shut down according to the company's regulations. For non Heilongjiang Telecom numbers, they will be intercepted and judged through technical means and handed over to other provincial companies of Chinatelecom for processing

in addition, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Communications Administration told that citizens who received spam messages could call 12300 to complain. It can also be reported by fax, letter (No. 15, Hongjun street, Harbin) and login officer

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