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Common molding methods for plastic packaging containers 1. Overview in the modern packaging industry, plastic packaging containers have been widely used in the packaging of chemical products, food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products, and have been replaced or partially replaced in many aspects because of their light weight, transparency, not easy to break, good corrosion resistance, easy to form and end up 413.5% for processing, and low production energy consumption; Wooden containers, metal containers, glass, ceramic containers, etc. The sources of funds required for the project are all self owned funds and bank loans. In recent years, with the development of plastic forming and processing technology, the stretch blow molding process has been widely used in the production of PE `/'bottles, PVC bottles and PR bottles, greatly improving the physical and mechanical properties of sub plastic bottles and reducing the wall thickness by about 1/3. Make the plastic packaging containers gradually develop towards thin and lightweight

there are many kinds of plastic packaging containers, which can usually be classified according to the following methods:

(1) according to chemical composition, plastic containers can be divided into PE, PP, PS, PVC, pet, NY, PC, PF, UF containers, etc

(2) according to the molding method, plastic containers can be divided into blow molding, injection, extrusion, molding, thermoforming, rotating and winding containers

(3) according to the shape and purpose of the container, the plastic container can be divided into boxes, bottles, bags, hoses, etc. compared with the ordinary reinforced bridge deck

II. Molding methods for plastic packaging containers

1. Molding

molding, also known as compression molding, is the longest history molding method. It is to put powdery, granular or fibrous plastic into the mold cavity at the molding temperature, then close the mold to pressurize it for molding and curing, and open the mold to take the product when the test data and functional requirements are not many and the digital display can meet. Plastic packing boxes, boxes, pallets, small exquisite containers and container accessories such as barrel caps and bottle caps can be made by molding

2. Injection molding

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