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Common problems and Countermeasures in fire extinguisher configuration

fire extinguishers are mass fire extinguishing tools in fire fighting. It plays an important role in effectively extinguishing the initial fire and minimizing the fire loss. However, some units have serious problems in configuring fire extinguishers. Once a fire occurs, it will not only be unable to carry out effective fire fighting, but also delay the time of fire fighting, and even lead to the expansion and spread of the initial fire. Fire extinguisher distribution β—— The main problems in the lifting angle of the pendulum after punching the sample are:

the configuration type of the fire extinguisher is improper. Fire types are divided into four categories: A, B, C and d according to substances and their combustion characteristics. The selection of fire extinguisher configuration type shall first consider the adaptation to the fire type of the configuration site, the fire extinguishing effectiveness and the ambient temperature of the setting point. However, it is very necessary for most units to carry out performance test for them. However, ABC dry powder fire extinguishers that can extinguish solid fires are configured as BC dry powder fire extinguishers

the configuration specification of the fire extinguisher is improper. In the fire extinguisher configuration specification, the configuration basis (which can be converted to the minimum filling capacity) of each fire extinguisher in different hazardous locations is clearly specified. However, the fire extinguishing level of the fire extinguishers configured in most places is too small to effectively extinguish the initial fire

the number of fire extinguishers is insufficient and the location is improper. The configuration quantity of fire extinguishers is determined according to the fire-fighting level, protection area, configuration basis and whether there are other fixed fire-fighting facilities in the room. It is the minimum standard for the number of fire extinguishers equipped in the place to effectively extinguish the initial fire. However, in the investigated places, some are insufficient, resulting in insufficient overall fire-fighting level; Some fire extinguishers are improperly configured; Some places are too many or too few in one place, which makes it inconvenient to carry out fire fighting quickly in case of fire

the nameplate of the fire extinguisher is inconsistent with the agent. Some 1211 fire extinguishers are filled with 1202 fire extinguishing agent; Some dry powder fire extinguishers are ABC type on the nameplate, and the actually filled dry powder is BC type; On some nameplates, the actual charge of five kilograms is less than four kilograms

after investigation and analysis, the above problems are mainly caused by the following reasons:

I. The design unit is not strict and the drawings are missing items. In some new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, a large part of the architectural design did not include the configuration of fire extinguishers in its design content, and did not indicate the type, specification, quantity and location of fire extinguishers on the drawings

II. The user unit has weak awareness of fire protection and poor knowledge of fire protection. Do not know the configuration requirements and basic knowledge of fire extinguishers in the place. Even some units are only equipped with fire extinguishers to cope with daily fire inspection or do not consider their fire extinguishing effects due to cost savings. Designers who buy and fill low-quality and low price fire extinguishers begin to focus on innovative heat dissipation methods, such as fire extinguishers or extinguishing agents

III. distribution and maintenance units pursue economic benefits unilaterally. In order to reduce costs, select products that do not meet national standards and substitute inferior products for good ones. During maintenance, the operating procedures are reduced and the filling quantity is insufficient, or the fire extinguishing agent with different properties is used to replace the filling with the type of aluminum ingot aluminum plate aluminum foil industry chain formed by the production of the same project and Zongyang Jinyu metal materials Co., Ltd; They do not introduce the scope of use and configuration requirements of fire extinguishers to customers during distribution

in order to ensure the reasonable allocation and use of fire extinguishers in the place, put out the initial fire in a timely and effective manner, and minimize the fire loss, the following problems should be solved in a timely manner:

I. during the design, the architectural design unit should incorporate the configuration type, specification, quantity and location of fire extinguishers into the design content in accordance with the requirements of the code for configuration of fire extinguishers in buildings, and indicate them on the engineering design drawings. During construction, the construction unit shall not change the drawings reviewed by the fire control supervision organization without authorization; The construction unit shall not delete the design contents of the drawings without authorization

II. When purchasing fire extinguishers, the user shall apply to the fire supervision organization to determine the configuration type and quantity of fire extinguishers according to the nature of the place where the user uses them, so as to truly meet the actual fire extinguishing needs of the place

III. units that distribute and maintain fire extinguishers shall distribute or maintain fire extinguishers in strict accordance with the requirements of the code for configuration of fire extinguishers in buildings. It is strictly prohibited to use the user's vague understanding of the configuration of fire extinguishers to deceive the user by substituting inferior fire extinguishers for good ones, and substituting inferior fire extinguishers for superior ones

IV. public security fire control institutions shall strengthen the supervision and management of fire extinguisher production, distribution and maintenance units and the fire safety inspection of units or places, and timely find and solve the problems existing in the production, distribution and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Guide the user to correctly and reasonably select and configure fire extinguishers suitable for the site, so as to ensure that the fire extinguishers can give full play to their fire extinguishing efficiency in case of fire

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