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Common phenomena and cause analysis in glass mosaic construction; Reason: 1) paper shrinkage

2) the problem of static color

3) the paving joint is not well divided

2. Mosaic reverse bottom phenomenon

cause: cement color selection problem. The market supervision department is working with relevant departments to deepen the access reform. The glass mosaic itself has the characteristics of transparency or translucency. Therefore, the top layer needs to choose white cement to avoid the reverse bottom phenomenon of black cement

3. Cracking of mosaic after pasting

reasons: 1) the mosaic itself is too brittle

2) construction is too hard

4. The mosaic pattern is not matched.

reasons: 1) the explanation of the sticker label

2) trial assembly before delivery

5. Paper dropping after mosaic pasting

causes: 1) the base course was not fully wetted before construction

2) careless sewing

6. Hollowing phenomenon is found after mosaic pasting

reasons: 1) hollowing of the base course is not checked, and the base course is not cleaned thoroughly

2) the base course is not fully wetted before construction

3) paste cement paste is not full and uneven

4) bricks are not plastered with iron after being pasted on the wall

the beat is solid or uneven

7. Unevenness after mosaic pasting

the original is different from the steel wire because: 1) the flatness of the base course is not checked

2) the paste layer of construction base is too thick, the bottom ash is not flat enough, the paste thickness of cement paste is also quite high and uneven

3) no iron trowel was used for uniform compaction

8. Staggered joints after mosaic pasting

reasons: 1) joints are not well separated before construction

2) joints are not aligned during construction

3) the construction method of beating paper before paper removal is incorrect

4) paper shrinkage

5) the control during paving is not strict, the seam is not aligned and the seam is not adjusted after uncovering the paper

9. The wall is dirty

reasons: 1) after uncovering the paper, the residual paper wool and pasted cement slurry are not cleaned in time

2) the white cement slurry on the residual brick surface is not thoroughly wiped after joint wiping

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