Common mechanical failure analysis of the hottest

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Analysis of common mechanical faults of single concave machine (II)

IV. paper feeding fault

(it is difficult for the industry to regulate self inspection due to the startup of the host machine) causes of double or multiple sheet faults

double sheet control is a mechanism to detect the misfeeding of double or multiple sheets during the paper feeding process. If double or multiple sheets of paper enter, it will send a signal immediately after detection to stop the paper feeder and generate other interlocking actions

see Figure 1 and Figure 2

1. paper cause

(1) paper edge warping

(2) the paper has static electricity

(3) different paper cutting sizes

2. paper pile reasons

(1) paper pile rises unsteadily

(2) the paper stack rises too much

see Figure 3

3. the components of the paper separation mechanism are improperly adjusted

(1) the paper stop brush is too high

(2) the paper retaining oblique brush is too low or the extension is too small

see Figure 4

(3) excessive or insufficient blowing force for loose paper

see Figure 5

(4) too little paper is pressed by the paper blowing nozzle

4. the suction of the paper separating nozzle and the paper delivering nozzle is too large

(II) causes of unstable paper feeding

1. paper transfer nozzle jitter

(1) control cam wear

(2) the fitting clearance of all parts is too large

2. the paper moves fast and slow

(1) the paper has static electricity

(2) the paper feeding belt is loose

(3) the paper feeding wheel is not round

(4) the paper receiving wheel pressure can not be switched by the user at will

(III) cause of failure of the paper feeding table mechanism

the paper feeding table is the paper separated from the separation head. With the cooperation of the device on the paper feeding table, the paper is overlapped and unfolded at a certain interval from front to back, and stably transported to the front gauge for positioning

1. relevant parts on the paper feeding table

(1) uneven brush wheel pressure

(2) uneven pressure of the paper pressing wheel

(3) the position of the paper pressing wheel of the brush wheel is inappropriate

(4) the tensioning wheel has some inflexible rotation

see Figure 6

2. paper arching during paper feeding

(1) the pressure of paper pressing wheel and brush wheel is large

(2) the tightness of the cloth belt is inconsistent

(3) each paper feeding wheel support is not parallel to the paper feeding direction

(IV) fault causes of the separation mechanism

the separation mechanism is to complete the three operations of paper separation, paper pressing and paper feeding in the process of paper feeding, but compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, it continuously transports the paper on the paper stacking platform to the paper feeding board one by one

1. paper separation suction nozzle

(1) paper separation and paper feeding suction nozzles are blocked or leaking

(2) improper paper separation and feeding

(3) the paper separation and feeding distance from the surface of the paper stack are inconsistent

2. paper pressing and blowing nozzle

(1) the lifting and falling time of paper pressing nozzle is incorrect

(2) the presser foot extends into the paper stack improperly

(3) the air volume of presser foot is too large or too small

see Figure 7

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