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A brief analysis of the domestic market structure of aramid fiber

at present, the global aramid production capacity is mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States and Europe; The manufacturers that produce para aramid fiber mainly include DuPont of the United States, Teijin of Japan and Russia heat resistant company. The annual output of the first two companies accounts for 55% and 40% of the world's total output respectively; There are more than ten brands of Kevlar fiber in the United States alone, and each brand has dozens of specifications according to the introduction

China began to research and develop meta aramid production technology in the early 1960s and 1990s. It was not until 2004 that this technology was broken. Yantai spandex Co., Ltd. took the lead in realizing the industrial production of meta aramid in China, breaking the monopoly situation of foreign companies. By 2009, the intermediate aramid production capacity of Yantai spandex Co., Ltd. has reached 4300t/a, ranking second among the world's top aramid suppliers. In addition to Yantai spandex, China's Suzhou Shengou and Guangdong Caiyan companies also have a total of 1000t/a meta aramid production units put into operation, making China occupy three of the world's only six meta aramid suppliers. The localization of meta aramid fiber has greatly promoted the development of upstream and downstream industries. Under the background of obvious processing and manufacturing advantages of China's textile industry, the global intermediate aramid industry, especially the downstream processing industry of intermediate aramid, has shown an obvious trend of transferring to China

with the continuous expansion of domestic market demand, the demand for para aramid fiber is also increasing day by day. According to statistics, China's annual direct and indirect imports of para aramid and related products amount to 1billion yuan, with an import volume of 3000 tons and an annual demand of 5000 ~ 5500 tons. The market potential is huge. In China, the main use of aramid fiber is optical fiber reinforcement material, followed by the field of bulletproof materials

however, the research and development of para aramid fiber in China started late. Due to technical R & D strength and other reasons, there has been no large-scale production of aramid 1414 enterprises. Since this year, Suzhou Zhaoda special fiber technology Co., Ltd. has invested a total of 260million yuan in the construction, and the first phase of the 1000 ton/year para aramid technology industrialization project with an annual output of 500 tons of para aramid has been put into operation in July 2010; Hebei Silicon Valley chemical company 1000t/a aramid II was commissioned in 2006, and its product aramid II was named teweilun fiber and began to be sold

aramid Ⅲ developed and produced by Guangdong Caiyan Co., Ltd. is a heterocyclic copolyamide fiber. Yu Wei pointed out that the mechanical properties, composite strength and temperature resistance are higher than aramid 1414, of which the composite strength is more than 30% higher than aramid 1414, which can reach 5000MPa; The modulus is 10% higher and can reach above GPa

China Textile Industry Association organized and presided over the project appraisal meeting of "100 ton/year para aramid fiber manufacturing pilot study" of aimeida Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai on October 15, 2007

on the morning of August 20, 2010, one of the "ten dragon" scientific and technological research projects of Sinopec - "characterization of mechanical properties and structural morphology of para aramid" and "development of complete technology for 100 ton para aramid industrialization test device" passed the review organized by the Ministry of scientific and technological development of China Petrochemical Corporation in Yihua

Henan Shenma Group Co., Ltd. established the sell project in October, 2005, started the research and development of polymerization spinning and industrialization technology of para aramid fiber, and built a production line with an annual output of 500 tons of para aramid fiber. In August, 2007, the group opened up the production process and produced products with performance indicators close to the international advanced level. In April, 2008, the Department of science and technology of Henan Province held the appraisal meeting of industrialization technology research and development achievements of Shenma Group Saier project in Beijing and passed the appraisal. After the review of the Ministry of science and technology, the Saier project was approved and included in the National 863 plan

the aramid 1414 of Yantai spandex has entered the pilot stage, with about 30 tons of production in 10 years

in addition, scientific research institutions such as Donghua University and Sichuan Chenguang Research Institute of chemical industry (the quality and blowing technology of Zhonglan Chenguang 1000 t film blowing machine determine the quality of film forming/a aramid II is basically completed) are also engaged in the research and development of para aramid

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