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Brief analysis of vacuum packaging machine technology (Part 2)

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of industrial level, the requirements of various industries for packaging are also increasing. Whether it is the packaging of food and pharmaceutical products that are closely related to public life, or the packaging of hardware and building materials and industrial equipment that are essential in the industrial field, the market calls for packaging forms with better freshness preservation performance and more material saving, so a new technology vacuum packaging came into being

in fact, as early as the 1940s, vacuum packaging technology has been born in the laboratory, but like many emerging things that were not valued when they first appeared, people once doubted whether it was necessary to exist. Fortunately, with the entry of polyester, polyethylene and other composite materials around 1950, this technology has ushered in its own spring and developed rapidly

although the development of this technology is gradually diversified, the general workflow is still the following:

1. Vacuum: the vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber begins to vacuum, and at the same time, the vacuum in the packaging bag is vacuum, the pointer of the vacuum gauge rises, reaching the rated vacuum degree (controlled by the time relay ISJ). The vacuum pump stops working, and the vacuum stops. While the vacuum requirements are more and more strict, the two position three-way solenoid valve IDT works, the heat sealing chamber is vacuum, and the hot pressing frame remains in place

2. Heat sealing: when the IDT is disconnected, the external atmosphere enters the heat sealing gas chamber through its upper air inlet, and the pressure between the vacuum chamber and the heat sealing gas chamber is used. 4. Install the two ends of 1 test piece in the fixture flatly and fix it properly. The heat sealing gas chamber is inflated and expanded, so that the upper heat pressing frame moves down and presses the bag mouth; At the same time, heat seal the transformer and start sealing; At the same time, the time relay 2sj works. After a few seconds, it acts to find an appropriate position to install the tension (compression) force sensor, which directly senses the load applied on the test piece, and the heat sealing ends

3. Air return: two position two-way solenoid valve 2DT is connected, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the pointer of the vacuum gauge returns to zero, the hot pressing frame is reset by the return spring, and the vacuum chamber is opened

4. Circulation: move the above vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, that is, enter the next working process, and the left and right chambers work alternately, in a cycle

among the 100 packaging machine manufacturing enterprises in China, there are also various types of vacuum packaging machines. The following is a simple analysis according to the purpose:

food vacuum packaging machine

(1) food vacuum packaging machine: at present, most of these packaging machines in China are driven by servo motors, and the more advanced ones will be equipped with color screen touch, which is convenient for operation. At the same time, because such products have high requirements for fresh-keeping, the temperature should be controlled before vacuum packaging, and the equipment has its own cooling system; On the basis of vacuum pumping, Jinan assaying engineering technology service will also be equipped with an inflation system, which can be filled with inert gases such as nitrogen to achieve better quality assurance

sterile vacuum packaging machine

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