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Brief analysis of the important role of vibration detectors in equipment testing

in order to realize the modernization of equipment management, enterprises should actively promote advanced equipment management methods and adopt equipment maintenance technology based on equipment condition monitoring. Equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology is the premise of equipment preventive maintenance. In particular, heavy industry enterprises have strong work continuity and high requirements for safety and reliability. Through the promotion of condition monitoring, we can gradually master the working status of large and medium-sized equipment such as pumps and fans, so as to prevent accidental shutdown losses

I. current situation of equipment management

in the past, there were generally two kinds of determination of major and minor maintenance cycles for large and medium-sized equipment such as pumps and fans: cumulative or regular maintenance during operation. According to the actual operating hours of the equipment and the actual operating conditions of the equipment, determine the repair cycle of the equipment. When the cycle is up, or the equipment is in poor operating conditions, notify the maintenance personnel to carry out the overhaul of the equipment. Some equipment also determine the major and minor repair cycle based on years of experience. The water pump has an overhaul cycle every year. When more cooling water is required during the peak production period every year, overhaul all pump sets. The fan operates frequently. In order to improve the purification efficiency or ensure the normal supply of electrolyzer, the maintenance cycle may be set as half a year. The method of determining the overhaul cycle by machine hour or by year is too old. In order to get out of the traditional maintenance mode, we must rely on advanced scientific instruments as detection means

II. Vibrometer configuration

Qinghai Aluminum Company is equipped with different detection instruments in the equipment management organization according to the different division of work. The Ministry of equipment and energy is specially equipped with hg-3518 instrument produced by Beijing Jinghang company, with a data acquisition and fault diagnosis system, and the measurement parameters are acceleration, speed, displacement, temperature and speed. For the spot inspectors of the branch factory, 4576da multi-functional portable vibrometer produced in France is equipped. The measurement parameters are acceleration, speed, displacement, etc., which is mainly used to randomly detect the running state of the equipment. The inspection and maintenance personnel who master the basic parameters are equipped with hg-2506 pocket vibration meter produced by Beijing Jinghang company, which is suitable for measuring acceleration and speed at low frequency (5Hz), but Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China at present

III. use of vibration meters

in recent years, many enterprises have used pulse vibration meters, oil quality analyzers, multi-channel timers and other instruments in equipment condition monitoring. Due to the lack of standardized management and technical guidance, this work is difficult to carry out after the instrument is distributed to the workshop because of different technical levels, unstable performance of the instrument itself, inconvenient operation and other reasons. However, after a period of exploration, the branches of Aluminum Corporation of China have implemented equipment spot inspection, introduced many advanced instruments, and applied vibration detectors to equipment status detection, which has played an important role in equipment preventive maintenance and promoted equipment management to a new level

IV. measurement method and judgment basis

1. Selection of measurement points Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of various types of mechanical experimental machines all year round: use vibration meters to test the bearings and axial endpoints of main equipment, and are equipped with on-site inspection records. Each measurement point must correspond to each other

2. Measurement cycle: it needs to be measured once every two weeks after or near the overhaul of the equipment; Test once a month during normal operation; In case of significant changes between the measured value and the last measured value, the test density should be strengthened to prevent sudden accidents from causing failure and shutdown

3. Determination basis of measured value: refer to international standard ISO2372

speed: 600 ~ 1200R/min, vibration measurement range: 10 ~ 1000Hz

generally, when the equipment is in normal operation, its detection speed value is in the range of 4.5 ~ 11.2mm/S (units above 75kW), which is used for monitoring. If it exceeds 7.1mm/s, major repair should be considered. The determination of this value not only considers the capacity of the equipment motor, but also considers the strong continuity of work and the high safety and reliability of static method used to solve dynamic problems in engineering

after the application of vibration meter in management, the company got the following enlightenment:

1. Using vibration meter to detect the state of equipment can not be used as the only basis for determining the overhaul cycle of equipment, but it is very necessary as a reference condition. Due to the low speed of water pumps, fans and other equipment, the harm caused by vibration is not unique. For example, sometimes there is no problem with the vibration meter, but the impeller is seriously corroded and needs to be overhauled. Therefore, the determination of the overhaul period of the equipment should be comprehensively considered from the inspection results of the vibration meter, the accumulated machine hours and efficiency of the equipment operation

2. It is also very necessary to use vibration meter detection as an acceptance means after equipment overhaul. It should be noted that due to the different degrees of new and old equipment, 19 Therefore, there is no unified regulation on the acceptance test value of the burette, which should be based on the test value before the overhaul of the accepted pump unit, and the test value after the overhaul acceptance is not unified. It should be based on the test value before the overhaul of the accepted pump unit, and the value after the overhaul should be lower than the value before the overhaul. In addition, the vibration meter can also be used to find the installation problems of the pump set (including poor alignment, long-term loose anchor bolts), as well as the cavitation phenomenon of the pump

in a word, the use of vibration meter in conjunction with other detection instruments is conducive to the analysis of the running state of the equipment. If the vibration meter is used together with oil quality analyzer, motor fault detector, centering instrument and other instruments, it can more accurately judge the operation of the equipment. (end)

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