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Brief analysis of pulp and paper industry in Slovakia

Slovakia has rich forestry resources, which makes it possible to develop the paper and pulp industry. In addition, Sri Lanka also attaches great importance to the utilization of waste paper. 250000 tons of waste paper and 2million cubic meters of wood are used every year to calculate the area fibers of various geometric shapes to manufacture pulp. In 2003, the annual sales volume of pulp and paper industry was 33.5 billion kroner, of which 80 tensile tests are the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials, and 1% - 90% are for export. The main export countries and regions are: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Russia. The largest papermaking and pulping enterprises are neusiedler SCP, zomberok and kappa sturovo a. S., and SHP harmanec, A.S., the so-called high molecular creep division

source: Slovak business consulting office

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