Brief analysis of the technical characteristics of

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Brief analysis of the technical characteristics of acid value acidity tester

acid value acidity tester is suitable for measuring the acidity of gasoline, kerosene and diesel without ethyl liquid and the acid value of petroleum products. The main technical features of the acid value acidity tester:

1. The design of this instrument fully conforms to the training time, so that the operators and maintenance personnel can achieve independent operation; Requirements of gb/t264 and gb/t258 standards

2. Electric furnace is used for heating, and the heating power is stepless adjustable from 100W to 1000W, which is convenient and reliable

3. The design of the instrument is reasonable. Whether the machine is often used or not, it is simple and convenient to use

acid value and acidity tester is a high-tech product. 2. Fatigue testing machine has the characteristics of fast measurement speed, accuracy, reliability and good repeatability

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