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Brief analysis of Italian packaging industry

in 2003, the output of Italian packaging machinery industry decreased by 2% compared with 2002. In 2004, the concept of industry 4.0 originally came from a high-tech strategic plan proposed by the German government. The increase in exports and the rebound in domestic market sales also led to the growth of the packaging industry, with a total output of 2.9 billion euros, an increase of 2.8% in monetary terms over 2003; Ecological design should be actively carried out, with an increase of 1.4% based on real estate

such a trend of export growth and import decline led to a trade surplus of 211.9 billion euros in the Italian packaging industry in 2004, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year. The step-by-step expansion refers to a partial parameter of the sensor amplifier, which consolidated the strong position of the packaging industry in Italian industry

about 250 Italian packaging and packaging machinery industries are used for industrial purposes, and about 100 are used for processes. 80% of these companies are located in emiliaromagna region (the best concentration area of packaging industry in the world) and Lombardy. Bologna, known as the "packaging Valley", is a concentrated city in a concentrated area. The application industries are food (accounting for 25% of the total packaging output), medicine, cosmetics, sanitary ware, chemical industry, petroleum (more than 5%) and other industries, such as tobacco, the traditional business category of Italian packaging machinery

the success of Italian packaging industry mainly depends on: 1. Flexible product system and active technological innovation; 2. Customer oriented. Italian machinery has made great efforts in planning, testing, quality inspection and customer analysis to meet the requirements of different customers. White collar workers account for 65% of the total number of employees; 3. Large groups are highly comprehensive; Small and medium-sized enterprises seek excellence and expertise; 4. The whole industrial framework on which the company relies for development is very sophisticated, and it pays attention to cultivating young forces

although to varying degrees, all products benefited from export growth. As for the weighing and labeling machinery of goods before packaging, although their proportion in the export composition is second only to the first filling, sealing, capsule, labeling and packing machinery, it is also close to 30% - 70%. These machines, which ranked first, increased by 17.6% over the previous year in 2002, but experienced a decline of 7.2% in 2003

the export performance to Asia in 2003 was satisfactory (an increase of 4.2% over the previous year), which mainly depended on the operation in the Chinese market and the recovery of the Japanese market. I. 8. On the one hand, South Korea's exports have declined. On the other hand, SARS has not prevented China from becoming the fourth largest distribution market in Italy, with Spain, Britain and Russia in the top three

imports from Europe and the United States are declining, while demand from Asia is growing. For Europe, the decline in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is very obvious, while Sweden (limited to related products of the beverage industry), France and the UK are growing. The US share of Italy has been shrinking, falling to 6%. The shares of Japan and China were 2.6% and 1% respectively in 2004, but both were growing

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