There are only five days left for the worst fire,

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Only 5 days left! All 5000 "messy" enterprises in Dongguan will be shut down

there are only five days left! All 5000 "messy and dirty" enterprises in Dongguan will be shut down

May 24, 2018

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the latest news is that before May 27, 5000 "messy and dirty" enterprises that have not stopped production will be cut off from water and power supply, that is to say, the time given to these enterprises is less than a week

since the first shot of the city's blue sky defense war was fired in Dongguan on April 18, the pace of rectifying scattered pollution enterprises in Dongguan has become faster and faster. As the elimination plan of 5000 "messy and dirty" enterprises for this year's environmental remediation task, zhangjincheng, chairman of Luxi group, said: "we will further advance our investment in innovation.

on May 17, the municipal air office issued the notice on carrying out the special action to clean up" messy and dirty "enterprises after all screws are wiped by copper wire (hereinafter referred to as the notice). According to the notice, a special action to clean up "scattered pollution" enterprises will be carried out throughout the city

only 5 days left! All 5000 "scattered pollution" enterprises in Dongguan will be shut down.

the notice requires that "

" scattered pollution "enterprises should stop production and business by themselves before May 27, 2018. From May 27, 2018, all towns and streets (parks) will organize relevant functions such as environmental protection, industry and commerce, public security, safety supervision, fire protection, quality supervision, urban management, land and other departments to develop more diverse high-performance 3D printing materials with independent intellectual property rights, which is a key factor in the development of this technology, and the departments will jointly enforce the law

if it fails to stop production or business as required, once found, the relevant departments will take measures such as cutting off water, power, cleaning raw materials, cleaning equipment, cleaning products, etc. to ban it according to law and regulations, and strictly investigate and deal with people according to law, and the cost of cleaning up and implementation shall be borne by the enterprise itself

enterprises that fail to go through environmental protection procedures and illegally discharge pollutants shall be severely investigated and dealt with by the competent administrative department of environmental protection according to law. Those suspected of environmental crimes shall be transferred to the public security organ for criminal investigation according to law

enterprises that operate without license shall be severely investigated and dealt with by the Department of industry and commerce, the competent department of license examination and approval, and the competent department of industry in accordance with the law. Owners and landlords who knowingly provide business premises for operators who operate without license shall be severely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law

enterprises that use land illegally and violate the impact test machine should pay attention to a number of matters in the experiment. Enterprises built according to the law should be strictly investigated and dealt with by the competent departments of land and resources and planning, water administration and the comprehensive law enforcement department of urban management according to law

citizens can call 12345 to report illegal production activities of "scattered pollution" enterprises

in addition, for those enterprises that have stopped production or business as required, those that meet the conditions for rectification and improvement and complete the rectification within the specified time limit as required, and those that meet the relevant requirements of environmental protection, safety production and so on can resume production and be included in daily supervision, otherwise they will be banned. The water and power supply departments shall cut off water and power supply for the banned closed enterprises according to law, strengthen supervision and inspection, and strictly prevent private connection after water and power supply are cut off

then, which enterprises will be classified as "messy and dirty" enterprises

according to relevant documents, "scattered pollution" enterprises refer to enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and industrial layout plans, have safety and fire hazards, and the discharge of pollutants does not meet the standards, as well as incomplete procedures for Industry and commerce, environmental protection, land, planning, taxation, quality supervision, safety supervision, fire control, electric power and so on (especially enterprises, industrial stalls and small industrial workshops in residential areas)

it mainly includes but is not limited to: printing and packaging, printing ink, adhesives, organic solvents, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, rubber production, tanning, chemical industry, ceramic firing, casting, silk processing, steel rolling, refractories, carbon production, lime kiln, brick kiln, cement grinding station, waste plastic processing, small oil refining, glass manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber manufacturing, surface coating, furniture, shoe making, automobile repair, food processing Small manufacturing and processing enterprises such as stone processing, waste recycling and processing, wood-based panel manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, acid pickling and phosphating; It involves the use of small enterprises or processing points such as coatings and paints

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