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Formaldehyde and benzene residues in express packaging. Beware of "toxic"

nowadays, shopping is becoming more and more common in life. According to the 2013 data released by the State Post Office, why can we say that people in China received 7 express deliveries with different pull forces last year. Express delivery facilitates life, but express packaging has become a huge burden on the environment

Du Xin, a citizen of Dezhou, Shandong Province, is a post-80s trendsetter. He usually buys daily necessities at home and children's books through the Internet. The packages are piled everywhere. Some plastic tapes, which were not recycled, were discarded as garbage

a small commodity packaging is often three layers inside and three layers outside, which is not only troublesome to deal with, but also wastes a lot of packaging materials. I contacted an express at random to see how thick the express vest is on the grounds of sending a glass and cosmetics. It was found that packing plastic boxes, filling foam, sticking adhesive tape, packing cartons, covering plastic bags, and finally binding a layer of adhesive tape. A small express delivery requires at least six processes

there is no industry standard manual tear packaging for the time being. Beware of toxicity

the courier said that the reason why it is so complex is mainly because he is afraid that the goods will be damaged during the delivery process when the hardness of new materials reaches 9h. But it is these protective packages that hide considerable dangers

liuhuawei, the chief physician of the first Department of traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Boxing County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, told that at present, the source of raw materials for express packaging is relatively complex, most of which are reprocessed from domestic garbage and chemical materials, in which a large number of harmful substances remain, such as packaging tape. Its viscosity components are mainly synthetic resins, as well as volatile poisons such as formaldehyde and benzene, which are easy to cause skin irritation. The well-known mail packaging, especially the gray belt of the outer packaging, is becoming a new round of environmental killers because of its non degradability

at present, the "express business operation guidance specification" formulated by the state post office only puts forward requirements for the services of the express industry, and has not made clear standards to further improve the competitiveness of domestic panels on the strength, material, environmental protection and other issues of express packaging products

last year, the business volume of express service enterprises above the national scale completed a total of 9.19 billion pieces. Accordingly, the number of express packaging garbage also reached billions. Compared with billions of packaging cartons and bags every year, the loss of tape is also very amazing. It can also be used for people in the production of handicrafts and other aspects. If one meter of adhesive tape is needed for an express package, 9.19 billion meters of adhesive tape will be consumed, equivalent to 229 times around the equator of the earth. These tapes are often corrosion resistant and difficult to degrade. Express service is convenient for everyone's life. Of course, we can't give up eating because of choking, but we can't continue to turn a blind eye to such huge pollution

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