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Formaldehyde still exceeds the standard three years after the purchase of urban noble furniture. The manufacturer is not responsible for changing careers.

formaldehyde still exceeds the standard three years after the purchase of urban noble furniture. Most musical instruments in the past confirmed the level of sound by changing the size of the sound source and sound part. The manufacturer is not responsible for changing careers.

April 30, 2014

[China paint information] in 2011, Ms. Tan, a citizen of Jinan, bought a set of furniture of the "urban noble" brand, which was very tasty when she bought it, The salesperson said that it would be good to finish the smell in a while. However, it has been 3 years since I bought furniture. Furniture flavored plastic materials need to make progress in technology. It is still pungent, and I will feel dizzy after staying in the room for a long time. Not long ago, Ms. Tan came to a professional company that measured formaldehyde, and the results showed that the formaldehyde in the study exceeded the standard by three times

in the afternoon of the 28th, come to Ms. Tan's home at Sunshine 100. As soon as I opened the door of the study, a pungent smell came to my nose. Ms. Tan said that in 2011, she bought nearly 7700 yuan of "urban noble" furniture including desks, bookshelves and so on at a furniture mall in Beiyuan street. "At that time, the smell was very strong when I first bought it. Four or five months after I bought it, I went to the furniture agent at that time. He said that the furniture had a strong smell at the beginning, and it would be good to wait a while longer for the smell to dissipate." Ms. Tan said

"these furniture in the study are 'urban aristocracy' brands. In order not to let the taste escape, the door has been closed, so the taste of the study is the greatest. Moreover, the furniture in the study is black, belonging to the same kind of plate, which has a great taste." Ms. Tan said that the TV cabinet and dining table in the living room are also "urban aristocrats", but due to the large living room space, opening windows and other reasons, the taste is acceptable, and it is white paint, and the plate taste is relatively small. According to Ms. Tan, the smell in the room comes from furniture. 1 we must be careful when using it

seven or eight months ago, Ms. Tan bought an air purifier and asked a professional company to test the air quality at home. "Unexpectedly, the test results showed that the indoor formaldehyde exceeded the standard by three times". "At that time, they said that it must have exceeded the standard just by smelling." This time, Ms. Tan couldn't sit still and called the furniture agent again to ask it to deal with it

a week ago, the agent came to Ms. Tan's house and said that the taste was indeed a little strong, but now he is no longer an agent in the furniture mall, and has asked Ms. Tan to report this to the furniture manufacturer because in the past, the sample preparation and testing had passed the one-year warranty period. Furniture manufacturers said that they did produce furniture, but they didn't sell it, and they didn't make this kind of furniture, so they asked them to find an agent

after contacting furniture agents and manufacturers, I also heard the same reply. After consulting the customer service of the mall, the customer service staff told that if Ms. Tan failed to negotiate with the agent, the mall would come forward to mediate

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