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Panel furniture has a serious formaldehyde problem, and the sampling qualification rate of raw materials is low

panel furniture has a serious formaldehyde problem, and the sampling qualification rate of raw materials is low

April 25, 2008

[China paint information] Li Changjiang, director of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, said at the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine work conference that this year, we will carry out centralized rectification of outstanding quality problems, and continue to focus on key products, key areas and key user reference links. 1 Quality supervision when using logic pen and oscilloscope to detect signals. It is reported that since the first quarter of this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has carried out a nationwide centralized rectification of 10 categories of products, including decorative materials, coatings, paints, furniture and so on. Among them, the quality problems in the building materials and furniture industry will be the focus of the rectification, and the most important thing is to check the excessive levels of harmful substances. According to statistics, in the middle and low-end home decoration projects, the proportion of pollution caused by building materials and furniture pollution accounts for about half respectively. In the high and middle end home decoration projects, the pollution caused by furniture accounts for more than 70%. Among them, the pollution of sofa, mattress and other key pollution sources exceeded the standard, and the formaldehyde of some mattresses exceeded the standard even by more than 50 times

it is understood that the harm of home decoration to human body is mainly air pollution. These pollution sources mainly include formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and radioactive elements of natural stones, among which formaldehyde and radioactive elements are the most harmful to human body. Formaldehyde mainly exists in materials such as plates; Radioactive elements mainly exist in various natural stones; As for the harmful gases existing in paint materials, such as benzene, because of its fast volatilization, it can be emitted in a short time. When the owner moves in, the harmful gases have been emitted almost, so the harm to human body is relatively small

formaldehyde in furniture is a recognized problem in the industry, especially panel furniture, which generally adopts wood-based panels and furniture coatings. If these materials fail to meet the environmental protection requirements, it is very easy to cause indoor air to exceed the standard. The use of formaldehyde in the current panel furniture production process can not be replaced for the time being. There is formaldehyde in furniture more or less. The key is to control the release of formaldehyde within national standards

there are many kinds of environmental protection certification for furniture

at present, as long as products wear the mark of "green environmental protection", they will be more popular, and some enterprises that fail to meet the standard also take the opportunity to make a lot of money in the name of "environmental protection". When buying green household products, consumers must be careful about the following three types of traps

one is the detection report trap. Individual enterprises buy or make some samples that meet the requirements of formula (13 ⑵) (g) to calculate the total root mean square value of acceleration by environmental protection re prescribing, and send them to the testing agency for testing, so as to cheat consumers by cheating the testing report. In fact, the report issued by the testing agency is only responsible for the samples submitted for inspection

the second is to use the system certificate trap. After passing the certification of a management system, some enterprises use the certificate to "prove" that their products are green, but obtaining the certification of the management system does not prove that their products are green

the third is the trap that claims not to contain certain harmful substances. Some enterprises claim that the raw materials of their products do not contain certain toxic and harmful substances, so as to "prove" that the products are green, but the alternative raw materials they use may contain other toxic and harmful substances that are more harmful to consumers

in this regard, the Guangzhou Consumer Commission said that in order to avoid falling into the trap of "green" fraud, consumers can judge the authenticity of green environmental protection products by checking whether there are Chinese environmental signs affixed when purchasing household products, or inquire about green environmental protection products through the station of the State Environmental Protection administration

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