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Foreign packaging of domestic goods Fuding seized Sanwu shampoo

which was obviously made in China, but all the outer packaging of the goods used English marks, which was very similar to foreign imported high-end shampoo. Recently, according to reports from the masses, the Shacheng industrial and commercial office in Fuding City, Fujian Province, raided the consumers to scan the sales documents typed out by the electronic scale on the "meat and vegetable traceability query machine" for a cosmetics store, and found a batch of "three noes" shampoo without Chinese logo, shelf life and other signs. And the cost of material preparation decreased significantly

the investigation found that the shampoo was bought by the parties from mobile merchants at a low price, and was sold at a high price by pretending to be a high-grade commodity by taking advantage of the psychology of consumers' preference for foreign products. Law enforcement officers immediately seized the batch of inferior shampoo and imposed administrative penalties on the parties

the processing process is also cumbersome

source of information: Mindong

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