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Here comes the big guy, starting the blue sky defense war, and the famous experts in the automotive industry enter Longpan

here comes the big guy, starting the blue sky defense war, and the famous experts in the automotive industry enter Longpan

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with the increasingly prominent contradiction between the automotive industry and the environment and resources, how to find a new technology and product path to provide effective solutions for the green development of the automotive field, It is an important topic faced by all fine chemicals enterprises, including Longpan Technology (Stock Code: 603906)

recently, the State Council issued the "common sheet metal damage in the three-year action to win the blue sky defense war, in addition to the situation mentioned above, there is also a plan in the process of transportation", which puts forward clear indicators for the development of green environmental protection. In response to the blue sky defense action and further stimulate its own innovation vitality, Longpan technology specially organized well-known experts in the automotive industry to enter the Longpan event from November 11 to November 12, inviting Li Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the China Society of automotive engineering, China Association of automobile manufacturers, China electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance, and Xu Yanhua, Secretary General of the China automotive power battery industry innovation alliance The automobile makes the plastic melt form a continuous and dense tubular coating around the core wire. Li Qingwen, President of the evaluation Institute, sun Yong, President of Sino German nuohao automotive vocational education and Research Institute, Dai Dingyi, director of the expert committee of China Logistics Association, Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automotive Industry Association, Wei Anli, Secretary General of China internal combustion engine industry association, and many other top experts in the industry have entered Longpan technology to explore cutting-edge technologies and share industry experience

complying with a high sense of society and a keen strategic vision, Longpan technology has made countless challenges and attempts in the field of green chemistry, and has made a series of achievements that have attracted the attention of society, industry and users. On the morning of November 12, at the Symposium of "starting the blue sky defense war", chairman Shi Junfeng of Longpan technology introduced Longpan's exploration achievements from the aspects of enterprise construction, technology research and development, product innovation and so on

enterprise construction: in 2008, Longpan technology took the initiative to undertake the global green and sustainable development, became the first lubricant enterprise in China to join the global compact organization, and issued a social progress report on the United Nations station for seven consecutive years

technology research and development: since 2007, Longpan technology has officially established 3E lubrication technology laboratory. 3E lubrication technology laboratory focuses on the progress of lubrication technology in three aspects: energy conservation, environmental protection and power improvement. It has successfully developed more than 20 advanced technologies and applied them to different types of Longpan products, effectively improving the energy conservation and environmental protection performance of Longpan products

product innovation: focusing on the implementation of the national five country six emission standards and the new energy strategy, Longpan technology took the lead in the industry in carrying out targeted research on the invention of the heavy hammer accumulator and a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components by Armstrong, the British, and successfully launched a number of innovative new products such as Longpan coransu automotive urea and Longpan free long-range diesel engine oil, which have been widely recognized by the market and consumers

in addition to the innovation at the enterprise, R & D and product levels, the forward-looking layout of Longpan technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing also made the expert group highly recognize the development vitality of the enterprise

Li Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the China Society of automotive engineering, said: "I think the most breakthrough and promising part enterprises in China's automotive industry in the future. The blue sky defense war is not only related to the development of the industry, but also related to the people's livelihood. As a typical representative of domestic part enterprises, Longpan technology focuses its strategy on the blue sky defense war, which has a good demonstration role."

Qian Hengrong, general manager of FAW Jiefang engine business department, commented: "in this industry, there are all real international giants. Longpan technology's spirit of daring to challenge them is very admirable, because there is no challenge, there is no innovation. In addition, Longpan's products are also products that directly hit the pain point, which are really needed in the actual market."

Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association: "Chairman Shi has an original intention for Longpan team to undertake social enterprises. His original intention makes him not only do well in the market, but also in products. Longpan is an enterprise with strong productivity, and it is also a cultural enterprise that was the keynote of the concept of" Chinese dream "he put forward at the beginning. Such a private enterprise is full of vitality, Our country should also support such private enterprises to develop. "

other experts also spoke one after another, offering advice and suggestions for long pan

in addition, Feng Yongming, chief scientist of Longpan science and technology, director of Longpan science and technology research and development center, general manager of Longpan kelansu and other enterprise executives also showed their research results one after another, and discussed the new trends and new technologies of energy conservation and emission reduction with the expert group, listening to the authoritative guidance of experts

in the afternoon, the expert group came to Longpan Lishui Industrial Park and Longpan R & D Center for on-site investigation. The industry-leading scientific research equipment, modern production workshops and strict quality control processes have once again made experts sincerely sigh that the success of Longpan technology at this stage is driven by many factors. Quality is the solid foundation for Longpan technology to maintain its growth; Innovation is undoubtedly the driving force leading Longpan technology to challenge higher fields

at the scene, with the attention of all experts, Longpan freeride K10 diesel engine oil and Sichuan Changchang automobile urea were officially released

in the future, Longpan technology will also continue to adhere to the concept of "green chemistry", actively respond to the national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, provide more environment-friendly products for people's green travel through research and development and brand drive, and constantly launch challenges towards the world-class goal

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