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Gurek polyurethane spraying machinery is used in the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway under construction is the high-speed railway with the longest construction mileage, the largest investment and the highest standard since the founding of new China. It is also the project with the highest investment in New China. As the world's leading supplier of polyurethane spraying machinery, gurek is also involved

it is estimated that the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway with a total length of 1320 kilometers will use 20000 tons of polyurethane

according to gurek, the bridge top of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway will use drainage polyurethane materials, and gurek will have more than 200 unit products for the construction of the project. Therefore, gurek has a market share of more than 95%. Membrane materials (or films) cover a wide range of manufacturing and utilization fields

the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway was started in April 2008, with a total investment of more than 220.9 billion yuan, and it is expected to be completed within five years. It is reported that as of January 7, 2010, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has completed a total investment of 122.4 billion yuan, accounting for 56.2% of the total investment

Founded in 1926, gurrick is the world leader in fluid processing and components. Its products are used for the transportation of a wide variety of fluids and adhesive materials, and the horizontal tension testing machine of steel wire rope is mainly suitable for testing the stress-strain and breaking test amount, control and spraying of optical fiber composite extruded ground wire (OPGW) and other products under the rated experimental force or constant load tension. These products are widely used in automotive lubrication, construction and maintenance, general industry and automotive industry

the production of reactorh-xp3 of gurek will cause harm to the environment. The product is the best polyurethane spraying equipment in the world at present. In addition to its stable performance, it also has unique automatic test and stop functions

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