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Guten tag SAP headquarters in Germany welcomes Alibaba cloud day

on July 15, SAP headquarters in Waldorf, Germany

for the first time, more than 400 SAP R & D colleagues felt the full picture of products independently developed by Internet enterprises from China

this is the first Alibaba cloud day of SAP headquarters

during the event, St billet, senior vice president of SAP worldwide, rose by 20 yuan. Efan Wagner, SAP China managing partner Jiang Xianghui, and Oliver Beck, senior vice president of SAP s/4hana, etc. took the stage one after another. Shen Tao, general manager of Alibaba cloud intelligent global intelligence and convenient ecology, Jia Yangqing, President of Alibaba cloud intelligent computing platform business unit, and Li Feifei, head of Alibaba cloud intelligent database business unit, conducted technical exchanges

in September 2018, SAP CEO Meng Dingming and Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong jointly announced their strategic cooperation. This is the key node of the cooperation between the two sides

based on Alibaba cloud's "integrated" strategy and the possibility of complementary core technologies of both sides, SAP launched technical cooperation with Alibaba cloud in 2016, completed the implementation of SAP localized deployment products by the end of 2017, and launched SAP's most important cloud products (SAP cloud platform, seeking more sustainable solutions for various industries in China, SAP Hana cloud database, SAP s/4hana cloud) to Alibaba cloud in the fourth quarter of 2019

now, the two sides have jointly decided to push the cooperation into the second stage and carry out joint innovation in technology and product solutions

for example, polardb

polardb is the cloud native database officially commercialized by Alibaba cloud in 2018. It adopts the design of separation of storage and computing and integration of software and hardware. It has high scalability, fast flexibility, super large specification and ultra-high reliability. At present, it is the fastest-growing database product on Alibaba cloud

in the future oriented cooperation, the scientists of both sides discussed the new manufacturing as a pilot, and explored the comprehensive cooperation in the technical fields that affect the accuracy of indication, big data, AI, IOT, blockchain and so on by connecting sap and Alibaba cloud databases

at the same time, we invited our common strategic partners, which are Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG, the world's three top consultants. We discussed how to build Alibaba cloud and SAP ecosystem to promote the digital transformation of enterprises

two days of communication is not enough

it is agreed that another SAP day will be held at Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou

we will work together to accelerate the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises

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