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Analysis of the development of digital three-dimensional advertising printing market (Part I)

in recent years, the total consumption of China's advertising printing industry has maintained a rapid and steady upward trend. It is reported that in 2002, China's 93.3 billion yuan of advertising revenue, of which 31.7 billion yuan was spent only on television, newspapers and miscellaneous news in the second quarter, surpassing all other Asian countries, and these consumption figures do not include three-dimensional advertising, dynamic vision Printed matter

by the end of November 2002, there were 160000 advertising and printing companies in China, with nearly 3million employees. It is estimated that it will increase by 14% every year

in 2003, the annual output value of this industry was 150billion yuan, including 134billion yuan in books, magazines, newspapers and packaging markets. In addition, it includes outdoor pop advertisements, indoor billboards, posters, advertising light boxes, and other forms of printed materials, such as three-dimensional or dynamic visual printed materials, large-scale outdoor three-dimensional advertisements, three-dimensional grating materials and their printing consumables. The market is also very broad

according to the statistics of IMI Europe, China's advertising printing market has moved towards the first position in the world, and has become the world's largest outdoor POP advertising market. Another data is that in China, large-scale inkjet only successfully applied the research and development results to the field of utilization, and the number of machines is 30% more than that in the United States, thus forming a number of digital inkjet equipment output bases. These inkjet output bases operate almost all day, and it is estimated that the number of large inkjet machines in 700 of them will double in the near future. With the continuous updating of inkjet quality and the emergence of digital plane printing machines, it provides an opportunity to realize a small number of changeable three-dimensional and visual dynamic advertising production. This market will continue forever, but the difference is the continuous updating and progress of technology

at present, the output of three-dimensional advertising and three-dimensional printing is less than one thousandth of the turnover of printing and photography. It is estimated that the annual output value of three-dimensional advertising and three-dimensional printing is tens of billions of yuan. With the unique industrial advantages of China's advertising industry, it will surely become the design center and production base of the world's three-dimensional printing industry

reasons that restrict stereoscopic printing

the emergence of grating materials and the production of stereoscopic printing have a history of nearly 100 years, but this technology has not been widely used. The main reasons are as follows

first, there is no special processing software

the traditional visual effect processing mainly relies on the plane processing software to layer, arrange and process the images one by one, and then complete the later stereo synthesis output through the grating synthesis software produced by other companies. The workload is large, the production cycle is long, the repeatability is high, and the real stereo effect image output and professional visual effect cannot be obtained. Because the design of plane processing software is aimed at digital plane design, and does not have the function of visual effect processing, at present, only a few design companies and professional engineers can produce limited visual effect images, of course, the charge is not cheap. Even if the production cost is low, if the visual effect of deformation units mm, cm, inch cannot meet the needs of customers, it cannot achieve the purpose of popularization

second, the cost of materials is expensive

stereo vision is a pursuit of market behavior, but it was abandoned due to the high cost of grating plates and the extremely low yield. The current light brings us closer to graphene 1. Most of the grid plates are imported from the United States, with hundreds to thousands of yuan per square meter. Their output effect is good, but the price is expensive. The base material of plexiglass is brittle, which is not suitable for outdoor use. The large transportation loss and the thermal deformation caused by the stress of the grating cylinder mirror have hindered the promotion. Although the grating materials made in China and Taiwan are cheaper, they are all made by hot pressing process. This kind of grating material is extremely fragile, so it is not suitable for outdoor use. It has large transportation losses, deformation due to temperature, poor linearity, and non-uniformity caused by uneven shrinkage in the production of grating plates affected by temperature. Therefore, the sales volume of the above grating materials has been poor, and it is difficult to form mass production

III. lack of high-tech materials

the large-scale outdoor spray painting advertising industry has developed very rapidly, but this technology needs to be improved in the application field of making three-dimensional advertising. The main reason is that the existing grating and consumables need to be prefabricated, the size is limited, and the thickest three-dimensional grating material is only a few millimeters. Therefore, it can not meet the long-distance viewing. If you want to obtain a huge three-dimensional advertisement with a viewing distance of tens of meters, you need at least a grating material with a thickness of tens of millimeters. At present, there are no conditions for producing such grating materials. Even if they can be produced, the weight of the materials alone is at least hundreds of kilograms per square meter, and the price is immeasurable, which is not convenient for commercial promotion

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