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Haige accelerates the construction of new energy bus ecosystem

Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus klq6762gev won the "2016 best bus Award", klq6852kahev50 won the "2016 best new energy bus Award", klq6112ha-heve51 won the "2016 best road bus Award", and "green housekeeper 2.0 new energy worry free solution" relies on its stronger functions after comprehensive upgrading, It was awarded the "2016 best car service platform Award". On May 23, Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus won four awards at the award ceremony of the 2016 Beijing international road transport, urban bus and parts exhibition

Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus klq6 imported mainly high-end wet diaphragm 762gev won the 2016 best bus award, klq6852kahev50 won the 2016 best new energy bus award, klq6112ha-heve51 won the 2016 best road bus award, and green housekeeper 2.0 new energy worry free solution was awarded the 2016 best car service platform award with its stronger functions after comprehensive upgrading. It can be said that the winning of four awards for three models and one solution of Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus is a direct reflection of its technical strength, and also represents that it has the ability to provide products, use vehicle solutions and integrate social resources, and has great advantages in the field of new energy buses

klq6762gev is the latest technical achievement of Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus. It not only shows its accurate grasp of the development trend of light-weight and low-carbon passenger cars, which makes the upper and lower jaws inconsistent and electronic, but also highlights its active practice of the development concept of energy conservation, emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection. The car adopts Alcoa's patented and riveting technology to build an all aluminum body with the world's leading technology, which can achieve the safety and reliability of the whole car

it is worth mentioning that the all aluminum material increases the strength of the car body, which not only has stable performance and corrosion resistance, but also reduces the weight of the car body by 40%, greatly improves the driving performance and shows the energy-saving effect. More importantly, compared with the current situation that there is basically no recycling value after the scrapping of traditional buses, the aluminum alloy body of this model can achieve 95% recycling and reuse, making the cost of vehicles throughout the life cycle lower and more efficient. It is reported that the pure electric community bus of Suzhou Jinlong Haige bus has a 20 minute fast charging range of up to 50 kilometers after using the all aluminum car. Moreover, the anti-corrosion and anti rust life of the all aluminum body has reached 16 years, which can promote the vehicle to be scrapped longer and save social resources, which is in line with the Roca concept it advocates

many customers of klq6852kaheve50, who won the best new energy bus award, and the best new energy highway passenger, directly buy a new replacement in the market after the sensor of the torque tester breaks down and has problems, and use it directly after it is installed without revision; This is incorrect After replacing the sensor of torque testing machine, its accuracy should be calibrated with standard weight or ring dynamometer; The error should be controlled within the standard range instead of changing it The klq6112ha-heve51 of the car award are Hagrid plug-in hybrid highway buses. Hagrid has deep insight into customer needs and in-depth research on changes in customer business environment. At present, affected by high-speed rail and flights, the passenger source of highway passenger transport is shrinking day by day, the operating cost is rising, and the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction is huge. It is urgent to transform to achieve green and sustainable development. Hagrid has specially developed plug-in hybrid road buses with a length of 8-12 meters for the road passenger transport market. Using industry-leading FSG technology, it has stronger power, lower energy consumption, higher reliability and longer endurance mileage. It is applied to road and tourism passenger transport with a mileage of 200-300 kilometers, and there is no problem. Let highway and tourism passenger transport fully integrate into the new energy circle

in terms of energy saving, Hagrid adopts automatic start and stop technology and braking energy recovery technology. The former can reduce the fuel consumption when the vehicle stops, while the latter is powered by the motor to recover the braking energy when the vehicle decelerates, and the wear of the brake pads is reduced by more than one third than that of conventional vehicles. In addition, both vehicles are equipped with a green zone safe and energy-saving driving aid system to keep the engine running in the green zone and reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. According to the test, the fuel cost of Hagrid plug-in hybrid road bus can be reduced by more than 20%

in terms of safety, the vehicle monitors the operation status of the core high-voltage system components and connectors in real time through the vehicle controller and motor controller, and alarms will be sent in time in case of abnormalities, while the single battery protection, group safety protection and BMS battery safety management realize fire prevention, explosion prevention and leakage prevention

to a certain extent, the green housekeeper contributed to the three new energy models of Suzhou Jinlong Hagrid, which won the grand prize. This worry free solution, which was released at the beginning of 2015 and expanded from pure electric passenger cars to all electromechanical devices, organized the transformation of new energy passenger cars through a series of transmission mechanisms such as reducer, and once pushed the development of China's new energy passenger car industry into the fast lane from the aspects of car purchase, operation, and service

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