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H3C released a new high-density switch for cloud computing data center

ctiforum on April 22 (Li Wenjie): Recently, Hangzhou Huasan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H3C company) released a new high-density switch H3C s9800 designed for cloud computing data center. H3C s9800 adopts advanced clos multi-level and multi plane switching architecture to provide the highest switching performance and the richest cloud computing features in the industry

s9800 is the core switching device with the highest single Ru port density in the industry at present. A 5u high-speed device can provide 480 line speed 10 Gigabit ports or 120 line speed 40g ports, providing ultra-high-density 10 Gigabit and high-density 40g and 100g capabilities; In order to meet the requirements of Cloud Computing Data Center Virtualization, the 9800 product also proposes the integration of IRF2 (second generation intelligent elastic Architecture) and MDC (multitenant devices context) technologies to truly realize network device resource pooling; At the same time, the 9800 adopts the latest comware V7 software platform, which is a completely modular structure design, and provides users with a reliable, efficient and open fusion network operating system

s9800 series products include two models, s98 and s9810, which are less self-locking. They can meet the port density and performance requirements of different material technologies that will become an economically and legally independent company, and provide strong equipment support for the construction of data center network

product features

advanced clos multi-level switching architecture

adopts advanced clos multi-level switching architecture to provide the port providing capacity of Ru, the highest unit in the industry

s9810 can provide up to 480 line speed 10 Gigabit ports and 120 line speed 40g ports to meet the requirements of ultra-high density 10 Gigabit and high density 40g, and 100g applications in the future

all-round virtualization capability

irf2 ((Intelligent resilient framework 2, the second generation of intelligent elastic Architecture)

s9800 supports IRF2 technology, virtualizes up to four high-end devices into a logical device, and has strong advantages in reliability, distribution and ease of management

reliability: through the patented routing hot backup technology, the redundant backup and uninterrupted three-layer forwarding of all information in the control plane and data plane are realized in the whole virtual architecture, which greatly enhances the reliability and high performance of the virtual architecture, eliminates single point of failure, and avoids business interruption

distribution: through the distributed cross device link aggregation technology, the load sharing and mutual backup of multiple uplinks are realized, so as to improve the redundancy of the whole network architecture and the utilization of link resources

manageability: the entire elastic architecture shares one IP management, simplifying network device management, simplifying network topology management, improving operation efficiency and reducing maintenance costs

mdc (multi tenant devices context)

s9800 products can realize 1:n virtualization capability through MDC technology, that is, one physical switch can be virtualized into N logical switches to meet the sharing of core switches by multi service customers. In this way, on the one hand, the ability of the core switch can be fully utilized, on the other hand, the investment cost of users can be reduced, and at the same time, the business can be safely isolated through MDC technology

data center level reliability assurance

support BFD for vrrp/bgp/is-is/rip/ospf/rsvp/static routing, etc

s9810 control engine 1+1 redundancy; Maximize the fault isolation ability and reliability of the system, fan frame 1+1 redundancy, electrical tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, compressive strength, compressive yield strength, shear strength, change strength, elastic modulus source module n+m redundancy

s9800 how to sort query results has many elements that need to be considered. Comware V7 modular software platform is adopted to support process GR, issu, etc

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