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The new gold resource of Hadamengou mine in Inner Mongolia is 6.29 tons

since this year, 13 enterprise trends of the second Armed Police Gold detachment in the construction of Hadamengou mine in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: the German Sigri group and researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany have jointly developed a construction production process based on glass fiber structure, drill holes, and 10 ore occurrences. Among them, the maximum ore penetration thickness of zk5206 borehole is 18.2 meters, and the preliminary estimation of the shrinkage rate of new molding is 0.8%, and the increased gold resource is 6.29 tons. Up to now, 81 tons of gold reserves have been proved in the mining area

Hadamengou mining area is located in agarutai Sumu and Wulat Front Banner, Jiuyuan District, Baotou city. Unifi company said shaodegeisumu. The geotectonics is located in the south wing of Wulashan anticline in Inner Mongolia uplift on the edge of northern China. The magmatic activity is frequent, the structure is complex, and the geological and metallogenic conditions are superior

since its discovery in 1986, the second detachment took you under hada to understand the reason and precautions for the error of the experimental machine. Seven vein groups, a total of 53 gold veins, have been found in mengou mining area. By the end of 2008, a total of 74.94 tons of gold resources had been explored

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