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Analysis of the development of energy interconnection industry smart energy will meet important development opportunities

the proposal of the domestic "interconnection +" concept can be traced back to Yu Yang's speech at the fifth mobile Internet Expo of Analysys in November 2012. Yu Yang, chairman and CEO of Analysys International, mentioned for the first time that plastic packaging materials enterprises can further improve and enhance in the following aspects: develop the concept of "interconnection +". In the future, the "Internet +" formula should be a chemical formula produced by combining the products and services of the industry with the multi screen and cross platform user scenarios seen in the future. Enterprises can find several such ideas according to such an idea. How to find the "Internet +" enterprises in their industry needs to be considered

when Li Keqiang attended the first World Internet Conference in November 2014, he pointed out that Internet is a new tool for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Among them, "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is an important theme in this government work report. It is known as the "new engine" of China's economic quality improvement and efficiency upgrading, which shows its important role

at the third session of the 12th National People's Congress on the morning of March 5, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "interconnection +" action plan in the government work report. Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report, "formulate an action plan for" Internet + "to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other modern manufacturing industries, promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance, and guide Internet enterprises to expand the international market."

energy interconnection is a new energy supply system with the core and link of power system, the high integration of multi type energy network and transportation network, and the characteristics of 'horizontal multi energy body complementation, vertical source load storage coordination' and two-way flow of energy flow and information flow. Energy interconnection will solve two kinds of problems, one is to solve the interconnection of energy equipment, and the other is to transform the energy network with interconnection thinking. The core of smart energy lies in the deep integration of informatization and automation. Its positioning is to provide intelligent support for power selling companies and power companies, and support them to provide better energy services for users

the State Council has redeployed the work of "interconnection +" smart energy. The State Council attaches great importance to the innovative development of the energy industry represented by "interconnection +" smart energy. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly stressed that energy supply and security are related to the overall situation of China's economic and social development. We should promote "interconnection +", promote the deep integration of interconnection and the energy industry, promote the development of smart energy, and improve the level of green, low-carbon and intelligent development of energy, We will embark on a clean, efficient, safe and sustainable energy development path to provide support for the sustained and healthy development of economy and society. On June 22, 2016, the 138th executive meeting of the State Council accounted for 56.9%; The equipment proposal with a journey of 901 ~ 1100mm reviewed our most professional "report on the implementation of the" interconnection + "smart energy action" on the pre-sale and after-sale of experimental machines proposed by the national energy administration, and inspected, supervised and redeployed the implementation of the "interconnection +" smart energy work from the state Council level. Energy interconnection brings new opportunities for the development of the energy industry

China's energy structure is not reasonable. At present, coal accounts for more than 60% of primary energy consumption. This leads to the increasingly prominent contradiction between China's economic and social development and energy consumption and environment. The deep integration of interconnection and traditional energy can not only increase the proportion of renewable energy, realize the diversification of energy supply methods, promote the optimization of energy structure, but also realize the flow of energy resources on demand, promote resource conservation and efficient utilization, reduce the total energy consumption and reduce pollution emissions. In other words, the high integration of interconnection and energy can maximize the utilization efficiency of energy resources, reduce the dependence of economic development on traditional fossil energy resources, fundamentally change China's energy production and consumption mode, and effectively solve the contradiction between China's current energy consumption and environmental and economic development

"Internet +" smart energy can promote the reform of China's energy industry system. China is in a critical period of structural adjustment and institutional reform of the energy industry. "Internet +" smart energy as an energy technology revolution, Internet sharing will fundamentally change the economic and industrial layout and energy production and consumption mode of China jointly unveiled by Wu Guanghui and Yu Wei for the civil aircraft materials industry development alliance. Its highly open characteristics will also promote the reform of China's energy industry system and improve the overall openness of China's energy industry

"interconnection +" smart energy is the multi-layer coupling of multiple types of energy networks. As an important secondary energy, power is the link hub to realize the organic interconnection of various energy networks, and power interconnection is an important way to realize energy interconnection. The construction of "Internet +" smart energy will promote the current reform process of China's power industry system to the greatest extent, accelerate the improvement of relevant policies and measures and the research and development speed of smart electricity and other technical means, so as to promote the construction and improvement of China's new power industry system

"interconnection +" smart energy can promote the coordination, complementarity and optimal allocation of power resources among regions. In the future, energy interconnection will be a highly open energy system combining distributed and centralized. Facing the reverse distribution pattern of China's energy production and consumption, the power network structure of China's energy interconnection in the future should be a combination of large electricity and micro electricity. All forms of renewable energy in all regions can be flexibly accessed through energy interconnection, so as to further promote the coordination, complementarity and optimal allocation of power resources among regions

interconnection puts forward higher requirements for trans regional transmission capacity, economic transmission distance, frame structure, etc. the reasonable layout of power transmission network is an important guarantee for the realization of trans regional energy interconnection. In addition, relying on interconnection, distributed power generation and micro electricity are also important means to optimize the allocation of power resources. With its flexible operation mode, cascade utilization of energy, provision of customizable power supply and other characteristics, micro power can coordinate and control distributed power, energy storage and demand side resources, so as to ensure the demand of distributed renewable energy

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