The hottest Haagen Dazs was produced in black work

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Haagen Dazs was produced in black workshop

Shenzhen black workshop produces Haagen Dazs, and the food produced by impact testing machine as an automobile detection instrument is recycled for a period of time to supply the whole city

do you believe it? Haagen Dazs ice cream cake (sold in Shenzhen), the best-selling high-end ice cream in the United States and the "favorite" of Shenzhen fashion people, came from a three bedroom workshop in Zhenhua building, Luohu District

On the morning of the 16th, Luohu branch of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision and other units received a report from the masses that an underground processing plant was producing the famous Haagen Dazs brand ice cream cake. This newspaper went with the law enforcement officers. It thought it was a fake dens to be removed. Unexpectedly, the discovery on the scene surprised people. This unlicensed and unlicensed underground workshop turned out to be the authentic "processing plant" of Haagen Dazs Shenzhen brand stores, and one workshop supplied the source of goods of all five brand stores of Shenzhen Haagen Dazs

production environment: the processing room is next to the bathroom, and wet socks are hung in the bathroom.

on the morning of the 16th, Luohu quality and Technical Supervision Branch, together with law enforcement officers from industry and commerce, health supervision and other departments, came to room 1004 of Zhenhua Building, and a female staff member was preparing for processing at the workbench. The law enforcement officer showed his law enforcement certificate and explained his intention. At the same time, the production environment shall be inspected according to law

this is a 3-bedroom room with a very ordinary appearance. On the left wall of the door, there is a shift schedule, which indicates that four workers are divided into two shifts to work here. On the right hand side of the door is the bathroom. Looking from the open bathroom door, high-strength nylon, halogen-free flame retardant nylon, wear-resistant nylon materials, high-temperature resistant nylon, nylon alloy and conductive nylon materials can be used. Several pairs of shoes are placed on different parts of the car to dry the freshly washed socks. Straight into the living room, that is, the "processing workshop" of the "factory", a large garbage can in the middle of the living room first came into sight. The garbage can is close to half a person's height, and it is difficult for a person to hold it with open arms. Along the wall of the living room, there are worktables, ovens and other production tools, and some shipping orders are scattered on the worktable. The color patterns of Haagen Dazs products are pasted on the wall. The walls of the living room began to blacken, and some of the paint on the walls had been separated from the walls

seven large refrigerators and freezers are placed in a room adjacent to the "processing workshop". Open a freezer marked with Haagen Dazs, which is full of ice cream cakes, butter, fruits and other production materials that have been made. In the upper layer of the refrigerator are ice cream cakes that have been made. Each cake is pasted with a small note, which reads "Huaqiang", "Diwang", "China Resources", "JinGuanghua" and other words respectively. The lower layer is all cake embryos that have not been made. The female staff member said that this room is the "storage workshop"

the other room separated from the "storage workshop" is the "office area" and "warehouse". A set of computer equipment and printing equipment are placed in the room. A lot of plastic bottled production raw materials such as chocolate jam and strawberry jam were piled on the cabinet adjacent to the desk, most of which clearly indicated that the production place was Guangzhou. Some employee manuals and operation standard manuals are placed next to the computer, and two used empty lunch boxes are pressed on top of an employee manual

on site investigation: the cake produced by the workshop without oil absorption hygiene license is supplied to the whole city.

"such production conditions unexpectedly process the world's top brand food? Ice cream is the most perishable food!" Law enforcement officers can't help but have doubts when they see such a scene. Is this an underground processing plant with a fake "Haagen Dazs" brand

however, the signs of Haagen Dazs posted all over the wall seem to show that this "processing plant" has a close relationship with Haagen Dazs. Just when everyone was confused, a fax and some production orders from Shanghai Haagen Dazs Food Co., Ltd. were found on the scene. Law enforcement officers first asked whether the company had a production and processing enterprise in Shenzhen according to the fax, and the other side gave a negative answer

therefore, the on-site law enforcement officers and more suspected that this was a black processing point of fake Haagen Dazs. According to a customer's order, she dialed and inquired. After receiving the information, Miss Xie looked extremely surprised, "oh my God, there is such a thing? I called the Haagen Dazs Diwang store the day before yesterday and ordered a 168 yuan happy castle ice cream cake. At that time, the salesperson also told me that I was produced in Guangzhou and it took time to ship it, so it took four days to pick up the goods. How could I make Haagen Dazs in such a place!" In order to make the interview more accurate, I took out an order again and called Mr. Zhuang, who also ordered such cakes. There was also a surprised voice: "how can this happen? I ordered it at the Haagen Dazs Mixc store on the 14th. Who dares to eat anything made in such a place?"

obviously, this is not an underground production plant of fake Haagen Dazs, which was also confirmed by a manager of Haagen Dazs Shenzhen company who rushed to the scene later. At the same time, the manager also took out a hygiene license. However, after the inspection, the law enforcement personnel of the health supervision department clearly told her that the production location marked by this health license was not room 1004 of Zhenhua building found in the current inspection, and the health license of other places could not be used to explain that the production environment here was legal. And according to the production environment observed at the "processing plant" site, it is difficult to ensure the quality of even the food that has no problem after processing here

incident handling: the illegal workshop was sealed into the city on the spot, and the cake was destroyed immediately

Yu, the chief of the Luohu health supervision institute who participated in this action, told that because food hygiene is related to the health of ordinary people, the relevant national laws have very strict regulations on the production, processing, transportation and other processes of food. Food production must be 25 meters away from the pollution source and must not be adjacent to the toilet; In addition, workers entering the production and processing workshop must have the procedures of disinfection, changing clothes, wearing masks, gloves and so on. Obviously, these basic requirements cannot be met here. As for the provisions that cooked and raw food should be placed separately, and the finished product warehouse and raw material warehouse must be separated, it has also become a dead letter here. "More importantly, such an important production site does not have a hygiene license. Of course, we will not issue a hygiene license under such production conditions!" Chief Yu excitedly expressed to

in fact, the staff manual of Haagen Dazs also clearly states: "environmental sanitation must be separated from raw and cooked products, finished products and semi-finished products, and food

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