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Gushi County and Juli glass 80000 ton daily glass production line project signed successfully

on the morning of July 7, Gushi County and Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the 80000 ton daily glass production line project. Qu Shangying, county head, Huohong, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and deputy county head, GUI Fangjian, director of the County Industrial Office, Ma Jianyue, chairman of Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd., and heads of relevant functional departments attended the signing ceremony

Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise, and is currently the largest manufacturer of daily and pharmaceutical glass bottles and cans in Henan Province. It mainly produces glass infusion bottles, liquor bottles, beverage bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, soy sauce and vinegar, pesticides and other glass bottle products of various specifications. Previously, Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd. inspected and demonstrated the investment environment and market development of our county, and the two sides negotiated on cooperation matters

GUI Fangjian said in his speech that the first phase of the 80000 ton daily glass production line project of Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd. was invested 1. 200million yuan, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in March next year. After the project is put into operation, the output value can reach nearly 200million yuan, and the profit and tax can reach 20million yuan, which plays a positive role in promoting the economic development of our county. GUI Fangjian hopes that all relevant functional departments should cooperate with the project construction, better serve the enterprise, and make the project put into production and effective as soon as possible

Ma Jianyue appreciated the good investment environment and loose development space of our county if we need to know more information. It is hoped that the Gushi County Party committee and the county government will care about and support the project construction as before, so that the project can be smoothly promoted and return to the society as soon as possible

Qu Shangying and Ma Jianyue signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the county government and Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd

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