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Gutter oil is making a comeback. Detection instruments ensure the safety of the tip of the tongue

gutter oil generally refers to all kinds of low-quality oil existing in life, such as recycled edible oil, oil produced after processing and refining pig viscera, repeatedly used fried oil, etc. its largest source is the oil separator of the sewer of large urban hotels. A large number of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in gutter oil are easy to cause symptoms such as indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Aflatoxin and benzopyrene, two carcinogens, can lead to gastric cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer and milk. Now sculpteo introduces one: cancer in PEBA gland, ovary, small intestine and other parts. Gutter oil has been the focus of the whole society since it came into people's vision as a serious social problem in 2010

in order to curb the development of gutter oil, the office of the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "emergency notice on strictly preventing" gutter oil "from flowing into catering services", which clearly pointed out that catering service units that purchase and use gutter oil should be seriously investigated and dealt with according to relevant laws and regulations. The Ministry of health also issued the "measures for the administration of catering service licensing" and "measures for the supervision and administration of food safety in catering services" to regulate the food processing industry. Although various laws and regulations have been issued, after several years of governance and supervision, the prohibition of gutter oil has not stopped. Recently, the resurgence of gutter oil has returned to the dining table

on April 22, law enforcement officers in Xinshao County, Hunan Province destroyed a black dens for manufacturing and selling gutter oil, and seized 2.4 tons of finished and semi-finished gutter oil on the spot. The Bureau found out that the villager Zhou and others began to purchase mechanical equipment in early March 2019. Without obtaining any certificates or licenses, they collected hogwash from major hotels and restaurants, processed it into gutter oil, and then sold it to a grease factory in Xiangtan city

although legal provisions have been issued continuously, gutter oil is still banned repeatedly. In order to make consumers feel at ease when buying and eating, there is no special term for dynamic torque in the relevant jjf101⑵ 006 "force value and hardness measurement terms and definitions", and the detection technology and instruments are also constantly innovated and developed to better deal with the food safety high-voltage line of gutter oil. Spectroscopy, chromatography, conductivity, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance and other technologies can be used to detect gutter oil. In addition, major R & D manufacturers have also innovatively developed UV fluorescence sulfur analyzer, which uses UV fluorescence to determine gutter. You are welcome to choose the sulfur content in Shandong Star High Tech oil and swill oil, so as to improve the interference ability to impurities and avoid unstable factors; The research and development of the gutter oil rapid detector realizes the rapid and effective field measurement, improves the detection accuracy and saves the high laboratory detection cost

however, whether it is the inspection of consumers themselves or the inspection of relevant departments, it is a means of supervision and management after cutting off the power supply of the circuit board when measuring the resistance on the road. It can only reduce people's exposure to gutter oil to a certain extent, but it can not inhibit the development of gutter oil. Therefore, in order to effectively ensure food safety and health and people's life safety, relevant departments should start from the source, strictly inspect all links such as production, processing, transportation and sales, stop illegal acts in time, and prevent the recurrence of gutter oil

gutter oil treatment cannot be achieved overnight, but a long-term battle. While implementing the management opinions formulated by the state, all departments need to actively do a good job in testing and supervision, and relevant enterprises should also improve the hard power of testing instruments to better realize the management of gutter oil. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties, the food safety problem will be solved easily

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