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Analysis of the development of the global flat glass market

at present, the demand of the global flat glass market is affected by three factors: construction, automobile and professional applications, showing an upward trend. Among them, the consumption of flat glass in the construction industry accounts for about two-thirds of the total partners' market demand. In addition, another important reason is the rising market demand for deep processed glass products. In particular, the consumption of automotive glass and architectural glass has increased

today, the global steel billet market rose and fell on the 29th, and the flat glass industry is relatively stable and unified. If the four major flat glass manufacturers NSG and Asahi want to make non-standard samples, Saint Gobain and guardian account for about two-thirds of the total global flat glass production

with the liberalization of economy and trade, China has become an important market for global glass consumption, which has attracted a large number of foreign glass enterprises to invest in China. China accounts for about one third of the total global demand for flat glass. Although India has the lowest share of flat glass in the world, its domestic construction and automotive industry is growing rapidly, which will be a major opportunity for global flat glass manufacturers to invest

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