The hottest guys are here. Dongfang Yuhong's 8bill

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The big guys are here! Dongfang Yuhong's 8billion fixed growth share has been looted, which greatly demonstrates the investment value of the industry

the bosses are here! Dongfang Yuhong's 8billion fixed increase shares were looted, greatly highlighting the investment value of the industry

April 2, 2021

in the evening of April 1, Dongfang Yuhong (002271) disclosed the report on the issuance of non-public A shares, and determined that the issuance price was 45.50 yuan/share, the number of shares issued was 176 million shares, and the total amount of funds raised was 8billion yuan

the target of this issuance was finally determined to be 13. It can be said that the stars are shining, and daga is gathered. Hillhouse, Dehong, and foreign giants have all shot. This also shows that the investment value of the building waterproof industry has once again been recognized and sought after by the capital market

Mr. Tim swinger, global business manager of Honeywell's advanced fiber and composite business department, said that the specific objects of increase were everyone Asset Management Co., Ltd., Ma Ying, Ma yungen, WT Asset Management Limited, UBS AG, Ruiyuan Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Huaneng Guicheng Trust Co., Ltd. hydraulic universal testing machine will always encounter some emergencies in normal use, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, Fidelity Fund (Hong Kong) Limited, fil Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited, Shandong Tuoling Asset Management Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Xuyuan Dingfeng equity investment partnership (limited partnership), Tianjin Liren investment management partnership (limited to 17 partners), Dehong dollar fund management company DCP management, Ltd

Hillhouse has two exclusive seats. Tianjin Liren investment, a RMB securities private equity fund management platform under Hillhouse capital, received an allocation of 931 million yuan, and Zhuhai Xuyuan Dingfeng equity investment partnership, which is also Hillhouse, received an allocation of 670 million yuan

it is worth mentioning that Tianjin Liren investment took this opportunity to enter the list of the top ten shareholders of Dongfang Yuhong, ranking the seventh largest shareholder after the issuance with 30.52 million shares and a shareholding ratio of 1.21%. In addition to the 20.46 million shares issued this time, it can be seen that Liren investment has quietly bought more than 10 million shares of Dongfang Yuhong, but it is unknown because it has not entered the top ten shareholders

in addition to the above-mentioned Hillhouse system, Dehong capital was allocated nearly 2billion yuan, JPMorgan was allocated 1billion yuan, Fidelity Fund was allocated 573 million yuan, Ruiyuan fund was allocated 300million yuan, UBS AG was allocated 443 million yuan, etc

here is a brief introduction to some fund leaders

Hillhouse capital

Hillhouse capital is an investment company focusing on long-term structural value investment, founded by Mr. Zhang Lei. At present, it has developed into one of the largest investment funds in Asia where this standard is applicable to the area with lime and sand as the main raw materials. On November 16, 2019, Hurun Research Institute released the list of top 100 global Unicorn active investment institutions in 2019, and Hillhouse capital ranked 15th

Dehong capital

Dehong capital is an international private equity investment institution focusing on the Asian market. The core team of Dehong capital once led the private equity investment business of KKR and Morgan Stanley in Asia, and created long-term excellent investment returns spanning multiple cycles. In the past 27 years, Dehong capital team has invested in a series of groundbreaking projects in China's PE industry, supporting many Chinese leading enterprises, such as China Ping An, Mengniu Dairy, Qingdao Haier, CICC, modern animal husbandry, Yuandong Hongxin, Heng'an international, Belle International, COFCO meat, United environment, Qiming medical, etc

Fidelity Fund

as the largest and most prestigious fund company in the world, fidelity investment has always been the focus of attention. Fidelity investment is one of the most trusted global leaders in the investment management industry. It has offices in 25 countries and regions around the world, with more than 7000 employees, including more than 400 professional investors. The average service time of fund managers in Fidelity International is 12 years, with an average of 16.3 years of employment

according to the announcement of Dongfang Yuhong, the net amount of the company's raised funds will be used for the following projects:

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