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Guwei technology company donated 200 street lamps to Ruili

original title: deformation caused by placement after forming of Guwei technology company donated 200 street lamps to Ruili with gear transmission and chain transmission

on November 23, Shenzhen Guwei Technology Co., Ltd. donated 200 light energy street lamps to Ruili Civil Affairs Bureau for free. These street lights will be distributed and installed in 29 administrative villages and 7 farm offices in the city to improve the lighting conditions of rural roads

at the donation ceremony on the same day, representatives of towns and farms in Ruili received the donation card. Shenzhen Guwei's team has also taken a promising step in research and development. The relevant person in charge of the Technology Co., Ltd. said that these street lamps will be used in advertising, furniture, electrical enclosures, lines and other fields to illuminate rural roads and facilitate people's travel. This donation is the theme activity of safe travel, charity and bright thousand villages jointly carried out by the company and Ruili Civil Affairs Bureau. The company actively responds to the call of the party and the state, takes practical actions to participate in social charities and public welfare undertakings, and helps the poverty alleviation work. The company hopes to advocate more social forces to invest in public welfare assistance, and also let people know and understand the value concept of Guwei technology

the activity is led by the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and all towns and farms actively coordinate and cooperate. The streetlights are uniformly transported and installed by Guwei technology company, and are responsible for the daily management and maintenance of training. The main model of the donated street lamp is QDB, each of which is 1598 yuan, with a total value of 319600 yuan. Street lamps are mainly installed in public areas and main roads such as village committees, activity center squares, schools, etc. in each village

according to the relevant person in charge of Guwei technology company, the street lamp uses sunlight as energy, which is charged during the day and used at night. There is no need to lay pipelines, and the layout of the lamp can be adjusted at will. The charging on and off process adopts intelligent control and light controlled automatic switch, which is stable, safe and environmentally friendly. The company will successively distribute street lamps to the installation points in various towns, hoping to complete the installation task of street lamps with the fastest speed and the best service. (Wang Lei)

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