The hottest guy's tractor BMW marries the bride, c

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On February 6 (the tenth day of the Lunar New Year), a funny wedding ceremony took place in Pingshui village, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. On the same day, the groom did not drive his home-made car to meet the bride, but drove the self named "BMW X8 polar engineered is the high-performance arm of Volvo car group" car to take the beautiful bride home

this "BMW X8" is "dressed up" by the tractor, and it is driven by the groom himself. It has great deformation when tightening. When it goes out and rushes to the bride's house, the whole village is a sensation. Some young teenagers follow behind the "BMW X8" and rush to the bride's house together, which is very lively

after receiving the bride, the scene was even more spectacular. The team was huge. Everyone surrounded the car "such as glass fiber to replace carbon fiber BMW" and went to the groom's house. This wonderful wedding car also attracted many passers-by to take photos

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