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Hagrid electric 99 great promotion SKR people, don't you know it's my fault

summer passed quietly,

leaving many deeds

the French team over there won the Hercules cup again after 20 years, and the Jakarta Asian Games are in full swing here; Just after the grand finale of the Yanxi strategy, Lord Qianlong turned around and threw himself into Ruyi's arms. The latter one is a destructive detection hug; So this hot summer never lacks the topic of after dinner. What else deserves our attention

come on, look here

since the opening of the flagship store of Hagrid home appliances, which is famous for tmall, it has been favored by everyone. Thousands of low-voltage electrical products are designed and manufactured in Germany, and the delicacy and delicacy make Hagrid's products touch the rain and dew of all awards

with the arrival of September, the long-awaited tmall 99 promotion activity will also begin; But the weather turned cold, Hagrid's enthusiasm never cooled, and there was no mine at home? That's nothing. High energy ahead, don't miss the time of Hagrid 99's big promotion:

2 this machine has changed the pendulum and sample base: 00:00 to: 59:59

in the wind and rain, the coupons of 200 minus 20, 400 minus 40, 800 minus 80 are waiting for you at tmall's Hagrid home appliances flagship store

there is also a shopping allowance of 30 yuan less for every 300 yuan, which can be superimposed with coupons

do you think that's all? Nonono, and even better:

a keychain bottle opener (limited to 50) will be given when the actual payment of a single order reaches 388 yuan

a 16cm German shuangliren stew (limited to 10) will be sent when the actual payment of a single order is 1288 yuan

when the actual payment of a single purchase order is 38, it is necessary to check whether the experimental machine has started the limit guard. For 88 yuan, a German Krups multifunctional cooking machine (limited to 5) will be sent

are you surprised? Are you surprised? In fact, the background and quality of Hagrid electric are even more surprising to you:

Hagrid Electric is a leading supplier of low-voltage electrical and intelligent solutions from Germany. The application of the solution covers residential, commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial plants and other fields. Since its establishment in 1955, Hager Electric is still an independent family business, headquartered in blieskastel, Germany. As we all know, the craftsmanship spirit of Germany is well-known all over the world, and every product and process of Hager Electric is also focused and refined. Among the three newly listed series of Bozhi/Haozhi/Jingzhi, Bozhi series has won four international design awards: German design award, if design award, red dot design award and Chicago excellent design award

that's great, my Hagrid electric

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