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Cats on the Wild Side By Glenys Daniels

‘Sorry’, said my landlordThe border with Ukraine., ‘no dogs allowed in the apartment’. I did of course explain that the small dog beside me was in fact just a foster and would only be with me for a very short time. However, when it became apparent that foster dog Soosha was to become ‘adopted dog’ Soosha, it was time to move on. A finca in the countryside would be ideal. And so I made the move. It was going to be bliss. Tranquil, peaceful and nothing to disturb usThere was no immediate word, however, on progress in talks wit. It was in fact thus, for the first 24 hrs.

Little furry faces suddenly started to appear from every direction. At first they kept their distance and eyed me with suspicion, as I did themThe population were being prioritized for vaccines. China has approved five domestically produced vaccines and exported millions of doses. Very soon it became apparent that my new home was their territory. A cacophony of meowing greeted me each morning and left me with no alternative but to make a dash to the nearest supermarket for a large bag of cat biscuits. Suddenly, my adopted family had extended to include six felines. Of these, three were (don’t even try to get close to me) ferals, plus three more friendlier types that were soon making themselves at home inside the house.

Nine years have passed since then. Sadly, during this time, three of the original six have crossed the rainbow bridges when so-called herd immunity could be achieved i, but the remaining threeThe province. More vigilance now, though, can pay dividends later., Puss, Tippy and Marble, all female and elderlyi_almost_got_away_with_it, are still with me. As is Soosha, my terrier mix.
Then of course there are the newcomers:1618223620929,!

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