Holiday season a real life Home Alone for Quebec n

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Holiday season a real life 'Home Alone' for Quebec newcomers and those stuck abroad - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

While ‘Home Alone’ might be a timeless holiday classic, many Quebecers who hail from abroad are living through the sad and difficult reality of a Christmas spent away from family and friends.

For Christ Kevin Bazie, it’s not the first time he’s spent the holidays without his loved oness stay-at-home order. He arrived in Quebec from Burkina Faso on Decs associate medical officer of health, said in a statement.. 17 of last year to begin studying for a master’s degree in economics at UQAM.

“The day after my arrival, it was -19 C, I thought I was almost losing my fingertips,” he said.

But Bazie said he’s found the isolation during the pandemic more difficult than the cold. During one of the government’s daily press conferences, he found himself moved by the calls to mobilize against COVID-19. That’s when he decided to volunteer in one of Quebec’s CHSLDs2021-04-21T10:03:25.740Z.

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