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Irregular houses are called heterotypic houses for short, which are relatively cheap. However, although the price is cheap, how to decorate has become a headache for the owners. Next, experts will introduce some details of special-shaped house decoration

link: Dreamy design post-80s friends strive to build an 80 square meter shaped cabin

shaped houses are not all rooms of a house are shaped, but some rooms in the house are shaped structurally. If these rooms are still decorated according to the normal house type in the decoration, it may cost money but not beautiful

special kitchen: the typical design of special kitchen is the L-shaped kitchen with narrow vertical and wide horizontal, and the narrow place can only accommodate one person to pass normally. Facing such a narrow space, the designer placed the stove and sink on the two adjacent walls at the horizontal line, and placed a hanging cabinet of appropriate size above the stove and sink as a cabinet. For the narrow position of the vertical line, because the whole channel is only about 80 cm wide, no large objects can be placed at all. In this regard, designers weaken the adverse impact of narrow channels on the overall effect of the kitchen through the coordination of the color of kitchen wall tiles

special toilet: due to the pipe setting or design, sewer pipes will appear in the ceiling or corner of the toilet of some houses in the same building. In the face of this special-shaped space, if there are pipes at the ceiling position, first of all, you can appropriately lower part of the ceiling position (all can also be lowered); You can also choose light and strong materials to cover when choosing ceiling materials. For toilets with longer length, sliding doors can be used as partitions to divide the whole bathroom into two different functional areas, dry and wet, so as to transform the irregular space into a space with more reasonable design




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