Precautions for stone laying construction

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The stone laid on the ground can be a combination of various varieties, shapes and specifications. All natural stones have color differences. The key lies in how to partition and separate the stones, and how to use spacing, lighting, color matching and other skills to minimize the occurrence of color differences. In the process of laying, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Plates of different shapes and colors will cause visual illusion during laying. Designers should not only avoid the negative effects caused by this illusion, but also use this illusion, pay attention to the collocation between multiple colors and shapes, pay attention to the degree and way of lighting, and pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment, so as to achieve the best Unexpected combination effect

2. The adopted specifications should be coordinated with the area of the ground. The specification of the board directly affects the area effect of the ground. The impression of small-sized plates is that the area seen is larger than the actual area. On the contrary, large-sized plates appear to be smaller than the actual area of the ground

3. If different stones are used for paving, the friction coefficient should be consistent. Plates with different friction coefficients will cause potential defects due to different contact forces




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