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When many prospective owners are ready to start decoration, they will feel more or less in a hurry and do not know where to start. Are you ready for the decoration? How many barrels of paint do you need? How many square meters of floor? Do you know the current market situation of decoration materials? Have you understood the decoration budget

the decoration budget of my home has several pages, which seems to be rich in content, but to be honest, it's really hard to understand. Lao Wang said. It is understood that many prospective owners do not understand what the decoration budget should cover and how to compare it with other budgets

in view of this, the editor will analyze with reference to the formal decoration budget to help prospective owners understand the budget and carry out the decoration work smoothly

◆ check whether the project is complete.

from many large-scale decoration companies, the formal decoration budget book will indicate in detail on the cover: decoration company name, customer name, project address, project area (house structure), designer name, budgeter and so on

the decoration budget should usually be in accordance with the serial number &mdash& mdash; Project name &mdash& mdash; Unit &mdash& mdash; Quantity &mdash& mdash; Unit price &mdash& mdash; Total &mdash& mdash; Materials &mdash& mdash; The order of process description explains the content of the decoration project. Among them, from the project name, we can see how many projects the prospective owner needs to construct

prospective owners should check whether all engineering projects in the budget are complete. If these missing projects are done during construction, it is inevitable to go through the formalities of adding decoration projects and increase another unexpected expenditure. For construction projects that are not necessary, prospective owners should also timely request deletion

◆ the budget size should be consistent with the actual

the two items of unit and quantity in the budget are important factors in determining the decoration price. Prospective owners should first understand the calculation method of the decoration company. If the items such as waterway reconstruction are in meters, the charge will be calculated based on the actual meters. If the item is in units, no matter how many quantities there are, the charge will be one-time. Prospective owners should actually compare the two charging methods and choose the most cost-effective one

at the same time, prospective owners should not blindly believe the size provided by the decoration company, but should personally measure the number and size of each project item in the budget to verify whether it is consistent with the measurement of the decoration company, especially in the event of errors in large items such as electrical changes, waterway changes, latex paint painting, ceramic tile paving, etc., prospective owners will pay a high fee for nothing

◆ compare whether the price gap is too large

when reading the decoration budget, many owners are often most concerned about the final total quotation, ignoring the unit price of each project. In fact, from the unit price of each project, prospective owners can also see many problems and find ways to save money

general decoration companies are relatively transparent to the main materials of conventional decoration, but since most prospective owners do not pay much attention to gypsum board ceiling and aluminum gusset board ceiling and do not understand their processes, the prices quoted by decoration companies for this part will inevitably be somewhat inflated

if the budget includes the production of wardrobe, shoe cabinet, curtain rod and other engineering projects, you should know the market price of relevant products in advance. If the price gap is too large, it is recommended that prospective owners should purchase by themselves

◆ material and process description should be specific

material and process description is the most important content in the budget and is also the most prone to disputes. The formal decoration budget should clearly indicate the brand, name, model and color of the decoration materials used. It is not allowed to tell the prospective owners the brand of the decoration materials in general, because the products of the same brand contain many series and the prices are not exactly the same

in addition, the decoration budget should also give a detailed description of the process flow of each project for the reference of prospective owners. For example, what treatment needs to be done to the wall before painting emulsion paint, and the effects of decoration by different methods will also be very different

◆ special projects will be calculated separately

except for a large number of construction projects, many prospective owners will ignore the detailed costs in the budget. Including the installation cost of switches, sockets, sanitary wares, hardware and other items; The overall cost of decoration is charged according to different floors. The quotation of different decoration companies varies greatly. Prospective owners need to compare carefully

special construction projects such as wall demolition, wall building, purchase of sand and cement, or treatment of large-area cracks are often not reflected in the budget, but will be charged separately according to the actual situation when arriving at the site for construction. Prospective owners of these special projects must have a bottom in their hearts




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