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The personalization of home decoration has gradually penetrated from higher-level groups to general income families. At the same time, it also pays more and more attention to humanization. Humanized design is not completely equivalent to personalized design. Humanized design can only be completed after fully understanding the user's hobbies, living habits, family member structure and so on. For example, determine the height of the table according to the owner's height, and determine the decoration investment of the kitchen according to the owner's eating habits, etc

I. environmental protection of materials &mdash& mdash; Forever topic

most of the future home decoration customers actively participate in home decoration design, have a strong awareness of environmental protection, and integrate their own living habits and preferences into the future home that can express and display personality space. During the construction, only the home decoration company is invited to do the basic decoration, and the main materials and furniture used are purchased by ourselves. More attention is paid to green environmental protection, such as environmentally friendly coatings, which are more popular

comments: who doesn't want to use environmental protection materials and who doesn't want to participate in home decoration design? Modern people who can afford this money try to use environmentally friendly materials. It's hygienic and healthy. If modern people have enough time, everyone wants to participate in the design of the house, so that their personality preferences can be better integrated into the home and live more comfortably

second, diversified styles &mdash& mdash; In line with international standards

Chinese style, classical, neoclassical, modern, postmodern, European &hellip& hellip; With diversified styles, designers' level and design quality are paid more and more attention. Looking for excellent designers in excellent home decoration enterprises and discussing excellent home design schemes have become the primary task of home decoration

comments: what is the most expensive in the 21st century? Talent! Famous designers will become the target of decoration families. Fashionable and comfortable home will no longer stay in the words of the so-called designers, but really become a reality. Our home will also show a personalized style and no longer be the same

third, functionalism &mdash& mdash; What we need is practical

home decoration focuses on people and family, meets functional needs, and strives to create a comfortable home environment. Pay attention to simplicity and lightness, emphasize people-oriented, and have less and less requirements for complex modeling, and cumbersome decoration will be eliminated

comments: simplify the complex, eliminate the false and retain the true &mdash& mdash; What we want is practicality. In the future, people should always remember to decorate the house: at any time, as long as you can say minimalism, people will not say that you are out of date; You can be honest if you want to save money, and you are not afraid of others saying you are stingy

IV. glass, stainless steel &mdash& mdash; Modern coolest

glass and stainless steel, as the most powerful means of expression of modern style, continue to be popular, can be called the highlight of modern home life, and play the dual role of furniture and accessories

comments: look at Neo's cool glass sunglasses and the steel shell of transformers, and you will know what fashion is

v. abandon luxury &mdash& mdash; Lamps and lanterns return to nature

lighting is an important element of home decoration. It should not only have decorative functions, but also be practical, such as eating, reading, watching TV and so on. Slot lamps and spotlights waste power, the illumination is not high, and a large amount of heat is accumulated locally, which is easy to cause potential safety hazards; Crystal chandeliers occupy space and are expensive. They have been replaced by lamps with different shapes, bright colors and clear lighting levels

comments: the popularity of specific light sources makes pragmatism go to the extreme. The decorative effect of lights is subordinate to the lighting effect. Specific light sources are not only practical, but also embody personality and fashion sense in shape design and material selection, which is enough to meet your decorative desire




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