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Two large bases in Yunnan have settled in Guandu Industrial Park recently, Yun, a Japanese company who did not want to be named, started construction in Guandu Industrial Park, mainly engaged in plastic processing and composite material production. Nanan packaging and printing industrial base and large railway maintenance equipment industrial base. At the same time, 9 enterprises including Yunnan zhongyun Liao packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and Kunming Guoqiang carton factory officially entered the packaging and Printing City, thus opening the prelude to the upsurge of investment, development and construction of Guandu District Industrial Park

Kunming International Packaging and printing city is located in Xichong area of Guandu Industrial Park. It is the Yunnan packaging and printing industry base determined by the Provincial Publishing Bureau and the Yunnan packaging and printing production base recognized by the Provincial Packaging Industry Association and the provincial printing body aluminum industry association. It is estimated that the total investment to ensure property safety will be reduced to a minimum of 8billion yuan, which is divided into seven parts: modern book and magazine printing industry area, newspaper printing industry area, modern packaging industry area, high-grade printing R & D center, Printing Museum, printing technology college and modern logistics area. At present, 30 enterprises have decided to enter the park. Kunming industrial base of large railway maintenance equipment, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, aims to master world-class technology, produce world-class products and build a world-class base. The settled enterprises include China Railway Construction Kunming Railway Group Co., Ltd., whose first domestic three sleeper continuous tamping and stabilizing vehicle with international leading level has been successfully rolled off the production line, filling the gap of domestic tamping and stabilizing comprehensive operation vehicle

according to the introduction, Guandu Industrial Park is divided into four areas. Among them, Xichong district is a packaging and printing industrial park, which focuses on the development of the packaging and printing industry and this equipment is the supporting service industry of the electronic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Sida high-tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. for the production of subway doors for the Rail Transit Department, the production and manufacturing of raw and auxiliary materials for the packaging and printing industry, food processing, new material manufacturing and other industries. Fangwang district is a modern equipment manufacturing and Logistics Industrial Park, focusing on the development of logistics trading, large-scale railway maintenance machinery, CNC machine tool equipment manufacturing and other industries

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