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Two generations of XCMG cranes compete in the same field ten years apart recently, on the construction site of a copper cobalt smelting project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a qy25e produced in 2007 and an xct35 produced in 2018 were hoisted and loaded together to complete the loading and unloading of a container. Elder brother, who has served for 11 years, competed with the fledgling and well-known generation g rookies on the same stage. Let's have a look at the scene

one qy25e produced in 2007 and one xct35 produced in 2018, the quality of the same byte is too important for lifting

xct35 is agile after all, with boom lifting, slewing, hook lowering, and boom extension in place. All the actions go smoothly, and the previous step is ready. Qy25e is steady and steady. Although the action is slightly slow, the steady action is quite experienced

one qy25e produced in 2007 and one xct35 produced in 2018 are hoisted on the same platform

ready. At the command of the commander, xct35 and qy25e took firm steps to transport the Dantian by air. At the same time, the container was lifted steadily. In terms of key capabilities, xct35 and qy25e are unambiguous. It perfectly presents the spirit of XCMG family

one qy25e produced in 2007 and one xct35 produced in 2018 are hoisted on the same platform

during the falling process, xct35 is still young and vigorous. Even though it knows that the falling speed will bear more weight, it still uses stronger strength to put the container on the ground in advance. When one vehicle of qy25e works, the last step is still completed steadily

after the hoisting, the xct35 was spirited and collected quickly. Qy25e looked at the youngest generation, smiled and nodded, calmly gathered up and rushed to the next construction site. The future belongs to the youngest generation g xct35, but now 5 Click the start button to record the force value and use time when the shoelace is broken. Qy25e can continue to struggle. And on qy25e, I can't see any fatigue

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