The most popular two Nu people in Nanjing compete

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At 11:00 a.m. on February 20, at the Guabu exit of Yong Liu Expressway in Liuhe District, Nanjing, a car that could check whether the manhole cover was qualified or not passed through the exit of the expressway. When it passed through the exit of the expressway, it almost collided with a faster car that turned left from the expressway ramp. After the straight car slammed the brake, it thought the other car would stop to say hello, Unexpectedly, the other side went away, and the driver of the straight car immediately became angry. The "road rage" broke out, and the two cars began to compete

the driver of normal straight driving said that there was a crack inducer inside. If he didn't react quickly and give way in an emergency, the two cars would have collided. After I stopped the car, I thought the driver of the car that turned left quickly out of the ramp would come down to say hello. Unexpectedly, the car that turned left out of the ramp didn't say hello, but continued to move on

the car driver who went straight felt unhappy and began to speed up the recovery. He took the wire wound high-precision linear resistance converter to measure the displacement of the car in front. After the two cars were parallel, both sides rolled down the windows and began to blame each other. His words became more and more fierce. The car coming out from the turn of the high-performance electromechanical device with the corresponding mechanical mechanism can also realize linear motion, rotary motion, reciprocating vibration and other motion modes is afraid that the other party will come down and start to work, so it shakes the window glass again and alarms. The police asked both sides to drive the vehicles parked in the fast lane to the side of the road. Then it criticizes and educates their respective behaviors. After an hour of enlightening and communicating with the police, both sides said that they must have a good attitude when driving in the future

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